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Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

What Are Some Birthday Party Decorating Ideas?

Decorating for a birthday party is one of the most important parts of planning the party.

Celebrating birthdays is always time taking because it has to be done with passion compared to a hurry. You need to find something intriguing and very different from the previous celebrations. This is exactly what that makes you special among your pals. It could be your birthday or else your children. When it is little ones birthday you should still be creative in using the birthday party decoration ideas. Arranging the party within the backyard under the lighting arrangement of the solar light is an excellent method cost effective if the birthday falls into the summer season.

What Are Some Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

What Are Some Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Decorating for any birthday party is one of the most important parts of planning the party. When there is a party theme, the decorations are often planned around that theme. As well as the usual streamers and balloons, there are several fun and exciting ways to decorate for any birthday party.

Ideas for Birthday Party Decorations

Decorating the entrance

Decorate the doorway with balloons or a flower bouquet. Also mount an attractive “Happy Birthday” banner with the name of the birthday boy/girl.

Enhance the appearance with Centerpieces and flowers

Centerpieces are a good decorative for any occasion. You will get customized centerpieces designed and you may even have a centerpiece that matches the theme of your party. You may also try and build your own centerpiece if you’re any good at such creative endeavors. Strategically placed flowers do wonders as party decoratives. You will find the option of using real or artificial flowers for that decorations. You can pick and choose flowers with respect to the theme of your party.


You will find often games at birthday parties, especially parties for younger children. When the party is a Mexican-themed party, hitting a piñata is really a fun game for the party. The piñata will even serve as the main décor. Pin the tail around the donkey is another popular party game for young kids and it’ll also serve as a great party decoration. When the birthday party is for an adult, a casino night theme is effective, and the casino game tables provide the perfect décor to a room.


Whether the birthday party is definitely an adult’s dinner party or a kid’s candy-themed birthday party, elaborate centerpieces are an easy way to decorate a party room. A centerpiece of chocolate bars lined around a stack of styrofoam with a few smaller candies on the top of it. When the birthday party is a party for an adult, the centerpiece might be composed of candles, balloons or origami.


For any child’s first birthday party, Gluing a photograph of the birthday girl or boy to some large piece of paper and write “Look who’s turning 1!” on the paper. Similarly, decorate to have an adult’s birthday party by creating a collage of photos in the birthday person’s life.

Wrapping Paper or Fabric

A cheap way to decorate a room for any birthday party is to use wrapping paper or fabric. Go ahead and take birthday girl or boy’s favorite colors and discover wrapping paper or fabric with those colors inside them. Take pieces of Styrofoam and wrap them within the fabric or paper after which hang them on the wall or simply display them on tables. When there is a theme, this is a great way to pull colors from them–such as blacks, whites and reds from the casino party theme.

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