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Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Fun | 1 comment

Valentine’s Day Party Games For Adults

Planning a Valentine's Day party often includes games for the Adult. This is a guide about Valentine party games.

Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest reasons to have a party. This year while you gear up to throw a Valentine’s party, plan your event having a whole lot of fun Valentine’s Day games. These games help guests get to know one another, entertain and also keep your guests engaged. Check out some very interesting Valentine’s Day games that you could include at your party this season..

Adult Party Games

Valentine’s Day has come to be equated with romance and love. Its mysterious beginnings are shrouded in innuendos about secret lovers and those who encouraged their partnerships. Based on, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated because the Middle Ages, and provides Americans and individuals all over the world with an excuse to give presents and party. If you have kids around, hire a sitter to keep them in another room when you play adult games.

Propose Your Partner

Propose Your Partner

Musical Hearts

Out of red construction paper, cut some big red hearts and line them up in a row. You will want to do one less then your number of guests. Play music so when you stop it, each guest must step up and occupy a heart. The person that does not have a heart is out. Remove another heart and so forth until you have a winner.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is definitely an entertaining as well as romantic game that can be played for Valentine’s Day. The game usually involves 10 or more players and is generally played to bring in the element of fun and enjoyment inside a party or get together. This Valentine’s Day, instead of choosing the usual movie plans or dinner dates, plan a get together for couples. Play truth or dare and watch how each of you unravel an unknown truth or personality facet of your partner.

Name that Lover

When guess arrive pin the name of a famous movie lover on their backs. They then have to go around and get other guests questions to figure out who their character is. First to guess their character wins. You might use Rose and Jack from Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, etc. simply to name a few. For children, you could use famous cartoon couples like Fred and Wilma, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck. You could also use TV couples or celebrity couples like Brad and Angelina or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. This can be a wonderful ice breaker.

Propose Your Partner

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love seems to be the mantra for everyone. While the whole atmosphere is engulfed within the blissful feeling of love, there is one thing that runs every mind and takes the toll, especially for singles – the act of proposal. Talk about proposals and proposing and you are sure to find mixed emotions – whilst some are cool by using it, there are others who almost undergo a panic attack and yet others who never manage to embark on it.

Guess How Many

This can be a game that everyone loves to play. You can play it one of two ways. You are able to fill a jar with candy hearts and also have everyone guess how many you will find or you can cut out hearts and decorate your living space with them and then have everyone guess the number of hearts there are. If decorating your living space with hearts, make sure that you make them big and small so and use lots of them. If doing the jar of candy hearts, make use of an odd shaped jar, something pretty which makes it harder to figure out how many. The jar of candy can be used the prize.

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