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Valentines Day Games for Couples

Valentine's Day is a chance to show your partner how much you love her.

Valentines Day is a wonderful day to celebrate. It is a special opportunity for couples and families to convey their love and take care of each other.

Valentine’s Day is a chance to show your lover how much you love her. Sometimes this romance is displayed inside a private setting, other times it’s in public places. Games offer you a chance to display your ex while competing for prizes.

Valentines Day Games for Couples

Valentines Day Games for Couples

Planning a grownup Valentine’s Day party is a bit of a no-brainer. Invite a great deal of couples, have a few drinks, decorate with red.

You need to put a little more thought in it than that and it’s good to possess some games to keep things lively. If you’re inviting several couples, there are lots of fun activities you can plan.

Here are a few great ideas for fun Valentines games for couples

Dating Game Variation

Couples can compete against one another at a Valentine’s Day party to see which couple knows one another best. The males of each couple are inspired to answer questions about their partners for example her favorite vacation location, food and outfit as the females are in another room. The females enter into the room, and they answer the inquiries to see whether their answers match their partner’s. Some point is scored for each match. Then roles are switched, using the females answering the questions using the males in the other room, and so the males return and reveal their answers. The pair with the most points wins.

Kissing Contests

Kissing contests could be played for couples which range from quantity to quality. One possible kissing contest would be to see which couple can kiss a long at the party, without their lips separating from one another. Another game is to observe how many times the female can kiss her partner. She must wear lipstick with this contest, and the number of kisses is counted through the number of lipstick marks in 2 minutes. This is a great chance of a photograph of the men afterward.


Chocolate along with a game to play? Not since hydrogen and oxygen merged to create water have two more valuable elements united. So reserve your anniversary edition of the “Willy Wonka and also the Chocolate Factory” DVD , which is a delicious interpretation of Monopoly. Added bonus of playing Strip Chocolate-opoly in a B&B: Someone else washes the sheets. Who wins? She or he who devours the most chocolate, of course.

Food-eating Contests

Compete against other couples to determine what couple can eat a type of food the quickest. You could have a pie- or pudding-eating contest using the first couple to clean home plate or bowl without using their hands to be the winner. Another would be to possess the couple place their mouths on opposite ends of a chocolate bar or string of licorice. The very first couple to finish eating the bag of chips or licorice without using hands wins the sport.

Dancing Competition

Compete against other couples to determine who can dance the closest without touching their partners. To limit the area available to dance, each couple ought to be given a piece of paper to bop on. At first this paper ought to be large, such as a 10-by-10-foot piece of paper. Every 5 minutes, fold the paper in half for every could who is still dancing. If either member of the pair touches the other, the couple is eliminated.

Twister for Lovers

Kissing Contests

Kissing Contests

Even while adults, any games where you tumble down laughing together are great ones. Couples will see that this area for this classic game includes a spinner and a plastic mat marked with colored circles. Spin the dial and move help or foot to the colored circle on the ground mat. According to the official rules, a referee should really spin the spinner. When just two play, adjust the guidelines so that the last person needs to make the spinner reachable by his opponent.

Printable Valentine Games

Features a Valentine right left game, Valentine trivia, Valentine bingo, a famous couples quiz, a famous love quotes quiz, and much more.

Love Letter Mad Lib

The object of this Valentine game would be to produce a humorous story by replacing blanks inside a specially written love letter. Just before seeing the love letter, participants will have to list various random words matching noted parts of speech. They’ll then transfer those words over towards the love letter. The result is quite hilarious.

Valentine’s Day Pictionary

Perfect for a Valentine party game in school or at home, this Valentine’s Day version of Pictionary involves having kids draw Valentine’s Day-themed ideas. A few examples of Valentine’s Day-themed ideas: Cupid’s arrow, a broken heart, or perhaps a box of chocolates. Your only challenge is going to be trying to keep order as kids get excited and compete to win this classic fun game.

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