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Posted by on Jan 24, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

Valentine’s Day craft ideas for kids

There are a lot of Valentine's cards, decorations and gift basket, gifts for friends... And kids really like Valentine's Day crafts.

Children can create variety of valentine cards and gift items by their imagination. They emote their feelings freely and are very transparent in their expressions without any inhibitions. You can provide them valentine theme papers, red markers, stickers and variety of embellishments to make them so that you can have beautiful and creative articles made by them. This not only will make all family members happy but also will ad in enhancing their confidence and talents.

Let us discuss some of these types of valentine creative in this article falling under this type of categories.

Gift basket

Valentine’s Day craft ideas for kids

Valentine’s Day craft ideas for kids

Gift baskets are beautiful and attractive to look at. They contain various tastes of gift items inside them which pleases one and sundry. All you need to create such gift baskets are the basket or the wooden crate for the base, a cellphone paper to wrap the basket and the gifts, couple of well-chosen goodies, straw, crumbled paper and the ribbon to tie them all. Your child will help you to get these all items together and create a wonderful gift basket for you.

Paper cones

Paper cones are made up of thin cardboard, thin ribbon or wire, decorations and fillings for the inside of the cone. Simply roll a square piece of cardboard from one side to the other into a cone shape and stick the side down with clear tape on the inside. Your child will help you with choosing your partner’s favorite sweets, or small items that can fit inside the cone and fill it almost to the top. Then, fold over the flap. Make sure that you’ve punched a small hole at the top of the cone and on the cone’s flap. Thread the ribbon or wire through both holes, and finish it off with a small tag and decorations.

Salt Necklaces

This fun valentine article is for the children who love baking or painting. What they need to do is to take a cup of salt, two cups of flour and a cup of water. Mix this together; flatten it out with a rolling pin, and using heart-shaped cookie cutters, cut out the hearts. Add a hole to the top and place these in the oven to bake for 1 – 2 hours at 200 degrees. Once cooled, you can paint them with water color paints or acrylic paint. Spray with a glossy acrylic sealer to make them shine, and finish off with a colorful ribbon pulled through the hole of each heart. You can also use the hearts to make fridge magnets by simply gluing a small magnet to the back of each heart.

Greeting cards

You can help your child design a beautiful valentine day card by decorating it with the heart stickers made of paper and foam. Then let them use the markers to write the word scribble or few lines  to make pretty valentine card with red hearts glued on them. these heart shaped items can be purchased from the store or you can let them cut few pieces on them own by hand. The children can also decorate the heart tags which they cut from the construction paper with ribbons attached or make their hand prints in red acrylic paint on white card stock to frame.

Ribbon book mark

Valentine’s Day craft ideas

Valentine’s Day craft ideas

Let your older child create a ribbon bookmark. You’ll need a 14-inch length of 1/2″ wide pink ribbon; a floss thread and beads with large holes. Beads could be the cube variety with letters to spell a message such as I LOVE YOU or BE MY VALENTINE. The child should decide how to divide beads between ends of ribbon, so that there is an 8-inch span of ribbon to drape inside book. Tie a knot on one end of ribbon, and using floss thread, the child will string beads in the desired order. When finished, tie a knot on the other end. Finish by tying knots approximately three inches from each side to secure the beads on the ends.

Heart treat

Take a piece of cardboard and draw a picture of a large heart. Give your child a bowl full of oat rings or fruity oat rings to glue onto the heart. Depending on the age of the child, you can either allow them to apply the glue using Popsicle sticks, or put the glue on the heart for them. Then, let them have fun sticking the cereal onto the picture.


Children are creative and you can help them become more by motivating them to create valentine gifts. You can provide them with the variety of decorations and embellishments so toddlers can pick out what to use. Anything that needs to be cut out with scissors should already be done. Adults will need to help with applying glue and showing where decorations should be applied to avoid frustration. Encourage each child to feel he has completed a valentine craft project all by himself. Give then the encouragement even when they commit some mistakes.

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