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Posted by on Jan 30, 2014 in Fun | 0 comments

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas

Plan a sweet school Valentine's Day party for your child's class with our Valentine's Day Classroom Party Ideas.

Plan a fun Valentine’s Day party for kids within the classroom, community center or even at home with fun activities, festive foods and fabulous holiday favors. Here are some quick and easy ways to help teachers, parents and party planners provide a super sweetheart celebration filled with party games and gifts.

Spread the romance this Valentine’s Day with party invitations and decorations which include bright designs including pink, white, red and purple hues which are perfect for this loving holiday. Kids love whimsical themes that include sweet hearts, candy, heart designs, polka dots, cupids & adorning words. Let the creativity flow. To set the mood, grade-schoolers can create heart-decorated place cards and napkin rings using strips of colorful gift-wrap and sprinkle construction paper rose petals and hearts around the table for a festive touch.

Party Planning Tips:

Valentine's Day Classroom Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas

Ask other parents to help. You’ll need at least a few people to create or buy decorations and food ahead of time, and you will surely need a couple of adults to assist supervise the kids on the day of the party. Make sure all of your supplies are ready ahead of time and create a craft supply list to request donations from parents there is plenty of paper, scissors, glues sticks, and pipe cleaners for everyone.

Keep it simple and break the party up into 4 activities. While you plan each activity, think of ways you can involve everyone and make all the kids feel special.

  • A craft
  • A game
  • The exchanging of cards
  • Snacks and treats

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Games

There are many different types of games that can be used for a Valentine’s Day classroom party. Popular options include:

Broken Heart Puzzles: Teachers can certainly make simple puzzles from heart shapes and students can work together or as visitors to mend their “broken heart”

Matchmaker: This Concentration and Memory-style game uses Valentine’s Day symbols for students to pair together, for example hearts, lips, cuddly animals, and cherubs. For any slightly more difficult version ideal for older grades, include pictures of famous couples using the male and female counterparts separated for students to join together.

Bingo Games: Valentine’s Day bingo games may use “HEART” instead of “BINGO” for column headings, or students can make an effort to make straight lines from various Valentine symbols.

Word Games: All types of word games, including crosswords, word searches, Hang Man, and spelling bees can be produced with Valentine vocabulary.

Candy Guess: Teachers can fill a jar with seasonal candies – chocolate kisses, conversation hearts, red hots, etc. – and students attempt to guess how many candies have been in the jar. The student using the closest guess gets to distribute the candy for the class to talk about.

Cupid Says: This holiday version of Simon Says can incorporate Valentine’s Day actions for example blowing a kiss, giving your hug, or shooting an appreciation arrow.

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