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Posted by on Jan 11, 2014 in Fun | 0 comments

Valentine Day party ideas for the couples

We have assembled all the great ideas in this article to make your valentine day party a truly memorable one.

On this Valentine day, welcome your party couples with the fun and frolic. Party venue can be decorated with accessories and the mood is set with the right costume, ambience, games and the cuisine suiting the occasion. Valentine party games are the best way to add excitement among the couples attending the party and let them interact with each other. Spice up the whole atmosphere to make this party a memorable one.

Valentine Day party ideas for the couples

Valentine Day party ideas for the couples

We have assembled all the great ideas in this article to make your valentine day party a truly memorable one.


Invite your couples to the valentine day party in the costume of famous men of history. They can be either Romeo and Juliet or Mickey or Minnie or Yoko john or any other. These characters can be real or fictional or may be alive or dead but they must create a moment of surprise among the onlookers and party attendees.

Romance in air

Surprise your guests by creating an atmosphere of romantic Italian restaurant or a country fireplace or any other romantic theme. Spread quilts and cushions in front of the fireplace. Lit the candle flame if you don’t have the fireplace. Chill them with champagne or sparkling wine or mock tails of different flavors. You can think of creating a separate bartending place for the alcoholic beverages. There will be a perfect ending with the romantic dinner for the couples.

Sweet Treats

The dinner could be complimented with the variety of dishes and wine. You can be little creative with the party starting at one home with some delicious dishes and commencing to various other homes bearing different dishes and then ending at the same home again. The eatables can be designed in the heart shape with lots of cakes, sandwiches, brownies, cookies and chocolates in the menu. The foodies can have the interesting topping like strawberries and pineapple or any other favorite flavors on them. The whole concept is complemented by the wine and champagne to add glamour and attraction to the party.


They must be designed in the manner in which all the guests are involved with one another and interact with each other. Valentines Party games based on a theme are the best bet here to create an atmosphere of excitement.

  • Guess the couple

Tag each guest with a famous name like Jack and Jill on the back of his or her wardrobe without them knowing it as to what is written on the tag. Then let them guess their hidden name tag by asking only three questions to the other visitors. These questions can be based on the basic things like whether the character is alive or dead, is it native American or a foreigner  and whether he is alive or dead ? They have the liberty to frame their own questions too.

  • Valentine Drawing

Ask the guests to draw something related to the love and valentine day. The one who draws the best is the winner.

  • Cupid’s Challenge

    Valentine Day party ideas for the couples

    Valentine Day party ideas for the couples

In this game the couples compete with each other to see who knows each other best. Design your own questions and be creative to create the fun.

  • Cupid’s “Kiss-capades”

The participants are arranged in the group of 6 members with girl-guy-girl in each group in a line. The first member passes the card while it is in his or her mouth and also tries to keep it there by sucking the air inside and then blowing it outside. The card should reach the other end of the line without falling on the floor. If it fells the line has to start the whole game once again. The line getting the card on the other end is first is the winner.

  • Printable Valentine Games

Surf the internet and websites for the classic printable games that are made especially for the valentine day. They are professionally designed to make them very interesting variety to other games.

Heart décor

Decorate the whole venue with the heart shaped flowers, lollipops in different forms and sizes. Be creative to create some very interesting shapes for the whole concept.

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