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Valentine Banquet Party Ideas

In this article you can equip yourself with some of the very best and innovative valentine banquet party ideas.

Valentine Banquet Party Ideas

Valentine Banquet Party Ideas

Valentine Day is the day of romance. This is the day when you can express your heart felt desire to your loved one. There are numerous ways in which the couples celebrate this day together and every year they put their best foot forward to make this day as the most memorable one in their life time. Of course they both want to impress each other too in numerous fashions and manners alien to everybody else. Valentine Banquet party ideas entail such preparations where the music, games, candles, meals, décor and host of other features involving this day undergo a complete rejuvenation and make over. In this article you can equip yourself with some of the very best and innovative valentine banquet party ideas.

Red carpet

A red carpet entry of venue is one of the great ideas for the accessory that can be implemented for the valentine day. This can be further decorated with tons of white petals to give it stunning looks. Your guest will feel treasured as soon as they enter the venue.


  • Try out some unique and innovative decorating idea this year. A heart shaped desk with pink heart furniture is really a good choice.
  • You could possibly pick up heart-shaped bedroom pillows while on the right path back home with each of those on chairs to dissipate a fun Valentine theme.
  • A centerpiece of Romeo Juliet on the table can become the star attraction of the valentine day as it matches the theme most and even complements it.
  • Set the table with some nice looking napkins along with the plates.
  • The seating arrangement planning should be well done and the seating should bear the names of the invited guest so that they do not face difficulty in identifying their position during the party.
  • You can plan to add candles on the tables to make them look beautiful during the night time. They also add to the romantic atmosphere and bring happiness in the environment.
  • Use a different tablecloth to create a long lasting effect. Similarly balloons are another gateway to project the valentine’s theme to the others.


Theme based valentine party can be a real winner on this romantic day. You can decorate your venue with the romantic movie clippings and even ask all the attendees to don the dresses of the romantic characters of the famous flick. You have an option of showing the clip of your most favorite movie to the guests. A Hawaiian theme based party is the sure shot successful formula for a fantastic party. Arrange for the grass dresses for the girls of all ages and ask them to welcome the guests with the silver colored antique flower. If this could be arranged on the beach with exotic wine along with the enchanting food then here you are at the right party venue. You can also try the vintage look or the poolside or garden side looks.


Young couples really like listening to the hip hop, soft steel and take. Alive band or simply the karaoke setup will be enough for the guests to express their love feelings to their beloved in front of the others. Take an inventory of most effective love music in light classical, region, hip-hop, soft steel and pop and provide that to the group of musicians or the Disc-jockey for the banquet.


Of course the starters of the party comprise of the decorations, music and templates but now when the heat is on the hunger strikes to everyone there in the party and they now all would like to satiate their taste buds with the delicious and memorable cuisine. Keep the option of at least two different recipes, open for the guests to choose lest they select one among them. It will be very nice of you to arrange for the waiters to serve the foods & drinks to the guests or help them refill their plate once they need it. The choice of food should be targeted towards the nutrition along with the


Introduce two games if the music can get slower. Online games like Newly Wed, a Matchmaker and match the couple are exciting options to spice up many chemistry.


Valentine Banquet Games

Valentine Banquet Games

Hire a professional photographer to push golden and also memorable seconds of the welcome couples.

Gift ideas

Treat your entire guests by using a memento or souvenir on the look of the event, so that they think pampered and will eventually always remember the particular wonderful Valentines evening.


Another enjoyable idea could well be giving game titles to your friends. Unlike ‘Best Couple’ along with ‘Best Dressed’ try something else entirely this time, such as ‘The lady along with the highest heels’ and also ‘The man wearing white coming from head-to-toe’.


You could hire a speaker or cook a wonderful speech by yourself to increase a destroyed for the night.


A firecracker show at the midnight can be the real fun for the guests to enjoy. If they can create some heart condition in the sky then they could prove to be the real entertainer. You can invite the professional singers and jugglers or magicians and other artists for your valentine celebrations.

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