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Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

Top Five Birthday Party Themes For Kids

Birthday party themes are based on age, and interests. A style is made up of decorations and ideas which are matching, that includes invitations, favors, table cloths, Food along with other things that are included while throwing parties.

Top Five Birthday Party Themes For Kids

Top Five Birthday Party Themes For Kids

There are many things for birthday party ideas for kids like birthday themes, location, sumptuous dishes, his favourite cookies and all your child’s desires for his/her birthday. We have elucidated many varied ideas for birthday party which can wreak smile on your beloved child’s face and allow the day be best of his life.

Here are a few great ideas for a fun birthday party.

Organize A Treasure Hunt

Something which children enjoy doing is solving problems and achieving a treasure hunt is a great way to add excitement to the party. You may also incorporate the treasure hunt into the overall theme of the party. For example, if your party is built around a princess theme then you can have a story behind the treasure hunt that sees a dragon stealing the tiara in the princess.

For boys the treasure hunts can be an agent adventure in a proper 007 style with laser beams.

You don’t call for a lot of free space to carry a great treasure hunt. Just have puzzles round the garden or inside the house that will require the children to cooperate and communicate. The treasure does not need to be anything special either. It may be just a simple toy or perhaps a lollipop for everyone.

Creativity Party

This hands-on party is really a terrific way to teach kids about art and demonstrate to them a messy good time. Set up stations, having a creative activity at each one. Give kids the chance to paint pottery, make bracelets and make up a mosaic. Make sure to specify that children have to come dressed in play clothes, because things can get very dirty. You may want to provide smocks to children to help protect their clothing.

Jungle theme

Everyone is aware that kids love animals. Buy some decorative with animal prints and shapes, use plates and decors that signifies animal kingdom, play jungle background music and fill the oasis with wilderness. Make sure that you make the kids enjoy the theme by conducting games such as hide and seek etc.

There are various other attractive themes like Disney, Fairytale, Cup Cakes and Ice Creams, Disco, Retro, Jungle Carnival, Barnyard Celebration and much more. You have to make sure that you make the invitations very creative. The invitations must clearly say exactly what the party’s theme is. Mention the type of dresses the guest can wear.

Superhero Party

Does your little guy or gal dream of fighting crime? A superhero themed party challenges children to imagine a superhero and dress up like them. Or, they can pick a favorite from the legions of good guys. Guests will also be encouraged to come dressed up. Activities may include decorating masks and capes. This can be a great opportunity to put a new spin around the game of tag. Parents are encouraged to play the bad guy, or “it,” dressing down in dark clothes and letting the children stop them.

Fancy Underneath the Sea

If your kid is found of beaches and the mermaids let their birthday party maintain the same style. Decorate the area with blue white and brown. Allow the blue color be the sea and also the brown be the sand. Collect some sea shells and it in the bottles to indicate the beaches.

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