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Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in Fun | 0 comments

Top 7 Learning Games For Toddlers Will Love

Learning Games for kids are a great way to build the skills that kids need to succeed in school. These educational games for kids make learning fun with math facts, language arts, and more.

These days, children are practically born with the ability to use a smartphone and have an immediate understanding of technology from a young age, and 91 percent of children play video games. In this environment, parents can fight the trend and likely lose, or use it to their advantage by allowing their children to play educational games that will enhance spelling, reading, and math skills.

Learning experiences of toddlers can be enhanced well by allowing them to play educational games, or learning games. Today, the teaching tools are no longer limited to chalkboards, textbooks, blackboards, and worksheets. Games offer toddlers more interactive options and are a great way to learning. Take a look at the list of the top learning games For toddlers.

Learning Games For Toddlers

Learning Games For Toddlers

Jigsaw Puzzles

You might feel that they are too common to be on the list of best educational games for toddlers but you are wrong. Education is not just about knowledge;it is also about skills and logic. Jigsaw puzzles are great for your child’s all round development because it tests their memory of the original picture and their sense of shape is nurtured because they have to look for the fitting piece. Moreover it helps your child develop a very uncommon quality, common sense.

Building Blocks

Again the commonest of learning games for toddlers that we all have played as kids. But its benefits are quite uncommon. It helps your child develop a sense of structure and building something from the scratch. It will also foster their creativity because they can try out different things with the blocks every single time!


Puzzles are wonderful tools for teaching not only hand-eye coordination but is one of the best games for building self esteem because the child will have the satisfaction of fitting pieces into similarly shaped openings. With every correct placement, he’ll feel even better if you make a big deal over his small victories. You want to start with a small puzzle, with only a few pieces to work with in the beginning, gradually building to more complicated puzzles as he grows.

The Color Game

Pick a color and then go around the house and gather different items of the same color, making sure to say the name of the color every time. After you pick a few, have your toddler try and find the items himself. Make sure to encourage him to say the color’s name out loud. Once he can pick a few out himself, change to a different color and then when you feel he’s confident enough, mix the colors up.


There are a million new media educational games for toddlers that will teach them numbers. But compared to these hi-tech games, the simple rather ancient abacus, still remains the best medium to teach your little one to count. Sometimes the touch and feel of an object is also necessary to understand concepts. The colourful moving beads of of the abacus provide the required impetus to your child’s learning.

Memory games for kids

Memory games for kids

Flash Cards

Using flash cards is a very useful teaching method even for school going children. You can improvise and turn it into a toddler learning game for almost anything be it math, language or logic. Children have sharper memory for pictures than words which makes flash cards very useful.

Memory Games

Sometimes called Concentration, there are hundreds of versions of this classic game, all with the same basic concept. Players take turns flipping over cards and attempt to find matching pairs. As you might guess, the game can help kids build concentration and memory skills, and practice logic and planning. Variations on the game that use numbers, math problems, or sight words can also help build skills in these areas.

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