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Religious Christmas Poems For Adults

Religious Christmas Poems For Adults

Christian Christmas poems really are a unique way in which we can find out about the true religious meaning Christmas holds for individuals of the Christian faith.

A varied selection of Paul Curtis’ religious Christmas poems, which are both thoughtful and thought-provoking. The selection includes poems the look of the biblical history of Christ’s birth and poems which think about the significance of Christmas to contemporary Christians.

Christmas religious poems really are a lovely method to spread the real meaning of Christmas. A wonderful selection of religious poems and poetry for kids, children and adults wishing some poetic and perhaps some inspirational words with this particular special time of the year.

Religious Christmas Poems For Adults

Religious Christmas Poems For Adults

A Man For those Seasons

Now once more
The year has turned
The advent candle
Long since burned
Hearts darken
Once we count the cost
And the season’s spirit
Is now lost
But it need not
All be dark and gloom
Light can again
Illuminate the area
So here is a philosophy
For those of us
God is for life
Not just for Christmas

Christmas Candle

Candle light of beauty
Adorning church and alter
None excluded from Christ’s love
Darkness brightly conquered
Light of Christ illuminating
Everlasting light of life

Two Thousand Years Have Passed

Two thousand years have passed
Because you died on that cross of pain
Dying for the salvation
Which began your holy reign

Two thousand years have passed
So when Christmas comes again
We will celebrate the day of you birth
Which began your holy reign

The Holy Infant

Within the presence of the lowly beasts
The prince of peace was born
And to his earthy joyous cries
They bowed low head and horn
The Shepherds stood in wonder
Because the child they stood before
The kid the angel told of
Lay before them within the straw
Countless miles the Magi came
Having travelled from the east
In lavish robes they knelt before him
And bowed lowly such as the beasts
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
Were lain reverently before his stall
Precious gifts brought from afar
For that holy infant born for us all

The Worshipful Morn

The bells of Christmas ring out clear
On the special day across the land
Family and friends get together
With warm embrace or shake of hand
Then together answer the call to enter
The happy faces of young and old
Of those occupying every seat or pew
Within the church bedecked in green and gold
Lifted the center and warmed the soul
The glad ragged and dapper dressed
The cheerfully demeanoured little girls
And little boys with hair unmessed
All come together on Christmas day
To share the celebration and rejoice
To mark the birth of the infant lord
Love and peace heard in every voice
As in harmony the congregation sing
Heartily in praise of Christ the King

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