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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Fun | 0 comments

How to Make a Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Christmas bingo games can be fun to play at school parties as well as during family get-togethers at home.

Free Christmas Bingo Cards

Free Christmas Bingo Cards

Bingo is one of the most fun and simple games to play so if you are looking for an excellent and economical Christmas game for holidays parties or simply to keep the kids entertained, free printable Christmas bingo cards could be the solution. Not only is bingo enjoyable but it’s also very low cost to obtain all of the necessary materials to play Christmas bingo, many free printable Christmas bingo cards can be found online.

Christmas bingo games can be fun to play at school parties in addition to during family get-togethers at home. To make the bingo game special for Christmas, you are able to print the bingo cards on colored paper or paper with printed holiday or winter themed borders. You may also use holiday clip art in every space or around the edges. Printing plain bingo cards and decorating all of them with Christmas stickers or rubber stamps may also be fun.

Bingo Card Printer Free Christmas Bingo Cards

The site is extremely easy to navigate and you will be in a position to print the free Christmas bingo cards quickly. These free printable Christmas bingo cards could be perfect for a holiday party that kids and adults of every age group would enjoy.

Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Here you’ll find 32 free printable Christmas bingo cards, 4 cards to some sheet of paper, make sure to also print the free call-list from the website. The website also offers the opportunity to customize bingo cards on any subject, after some creativity you could easily have fun and exciting free printable bingo cards.


  1. Create a brand new document in a word processor or desktop publishing program. Within the “Page Setup” box, set the margins
    How to Make a Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

    How to Make a Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

    and paper orientation. To suit two bingo cards on the sheet, use landscape orientation and make two columns.

  2. Insert a table (a treadmill table in each column) with 6 rows and 5 columns, or make use of a custom size for your bingo cards.
  3. Pick your preferred font or a seasonal font for example Frosty and set it to some large size. In the top row from the table, type the letters “BINGO” or Christmas themed 5-letter word, for example JESUS, GIFTS, ANGEL, COCOA, SNOWY or PARTY.
  4. Type the term “Free” in the center square from the table, or use a special picture for that free space.
  5. Place a Christmas clip art picture in every space, or decorate the borders from the bingo card and use regular numbers in every space. For a more challenging game, you may also use Christmas themed words, phrases or perhaps bits of song lyrics.
  6. Save the bingo card, then print it on colored paper. Cut the paper in half, should you put two cards on a single sheet.
  7. Click “Save As” to create another bingo card with similar layout. Use a different mixture of pictures, numbers or words with this bingo card, to make them all unique. Create and print enough bingo cards for the players.

Benefits of Free Christmas Bingo Games

Free Christmas bingo games provide you with many benefits. The prominent ones are highlighted below. Have a look.

  • Free bingo fun within the comforts of the home
  • A risk-free way to judge a website inside out
  • Make you comfortable at playing bingo games online
  • Let you’ve fun with bingo without spending any money

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