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Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Fun | 0 comments

Planning A Entertaining Dance Party for Kids

Planning to entertain a group of children at a kids' party can be almost more daunting than planning an adult party.

Dance parties don’t have to be restricted to adults. Children love music, and you may plan some fun dance parties for children of all ages. There is plenty of dancing party games for each age group. Once you have the games along with other activities planned, all that is left to do is find the best music and decorations.

Planning A Entertaining Dance Party for Kids

Planning A Entertaining Dance Party for Kids


You can’t have a great dancing party without proper decorations. Once you have picked the musical theme, you can start to look for decorations. Every dance party requires a mirrored disco ball. You will also need lots of crepe paper, balloons, streamers, and glitter. Old record albums held towards the walls with thumbtacks make great dance party decorations.


There are many great music themes you should use for your kids’ dance party. Remember to keep the themes age appropriate. For younger kids, you can use some of the popular songs in the radio as well as fun children’s songs. Older kids may want to have rap or hip-hop parties. You may also end up throwing a heavy metal party. Any of these musical styles can be danced to, and also the kids will have loads of fun.

Dance Contests

Exactly what is a dance party without a dance contest? With regards to dancing party games, contests would be the most fun. Some of the most popular and fun contests include the Limbo (even young kids know how to limbo) and dances where the kids create their own moves. Hip-hop is extremely popular, and kids love to dance in this fashion. Be sure to have a non-partial person in the party to do the judging.

Spot Light

This dance game for kids requires and adult volunteer. The adult stands on the stepladder high enough to be slightly over the children. Before the game starts, the adult is blindfolded to help make the game fair and is give a flashlight. A second volunteer is in charge of the music. When the music starts, the children dance around. As soon as the music stops, the lighting is lowered and the adult around the step ladder spins the flashlight around and stops it. The child it stops on is out. The game continues until just one child is left standing and that child is the winner.

Musical Statues

This fun party game is simple for kids of all ages. Choose one from the older children to be in charge of the background music or one of the adult helpers. Instruct the kids that they are free to dance around as the music is playing. However, once the music stops they must all freeze. The individual in charge of the music watches closely and then any child that is moving once the music stops is out. The game can continue until just one player is left or ’till the end of the song. If you continue it until the end of the song, all the children left are winners and everyone gets a prize.

musical chairs games

musical chairs games


Everyone loves limbo, in the smallest child to the oldest adult. Assemble the limbo stick between two chairs or ask two people to hold it. Play music as the kids limbo underneath the stick. Following the last child in line goes under the stick, the stick is lowered and also the kids go through again. Continue lowering with every rotation until there is just one child left who can allow it to be under.

Musical Chairs

This kids dance games is definitely an oldie but a goodie. Arrange chairs inside a circle so that there is one less chair compared to number of children. Ask a volunteer to handle music. When the music starts the kids walk around the circle. When the music stops they have to sit down in a chair. The child with no chair is out. One chair is taken away and the game starts again. This continues until there is only one child with a chair.

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