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Office Christmas Party Activity Ideas

Do you need some ideas and inspiration for fun Christmas office party games?

Christmas gives an excellent occasion for that employees to relax from their daily hard chores and spend a memorable time with each other. Many times, they come to know their working partners better at these parties which help in creating a better environment. When organizing an office Christmas party, you must have some games which should be both entertaining and interesting. Prepare for the pre-requisites before hand making each of the employees know the rules of the sport properly. Make each of them participate, if you may find convincing the reticent ones difficult. We bring for you personally some games which can be played conveniently by everyone at the Christmas party. These are more of team games which can make everyone to involve and also have fun.

Office Christmas Party Activity Ideas

Office Christmas Party Activity Ideas

Office Christmas Party Games

A photographer can capture the funny moments of the party that may then be put on the office notice board. Activities, games and competitions alllow for a fun party so ensure there is something for the staff to do during the party. Here are some ideas for games:

  • Jingle Bells Antlers game

Divide everyone into pairs or threes. Give each group some of pantyhose and six balloons. Time a two minute race where everyone blows up the balloons and stuffs them in to the pantyhose. Once the balloons are stuffed within the pantyhose someone has to wear the “reindeer antlers” and sing “Jingle Bells”. The very first team to finish wins.

  • Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph

Print out a large picture of Rudolph and attach to some wall. Create red noses from card and adhesive tape somewhere. Everyone should write their name around the red nose so you can determine whose is closest to Rudolph’s real nose at the end of the game. All should attempt to place the nose on the picture wearing a blindfold and also the closest to Rudolph’s nose on the poster wins.

  • Christmas Trivia Game

Employee Trivia Game which should entertain guests for hours. It is a fun and competitive game that builds up team spirit and enables staff to understand one another better.

Ideas for Corporate Party Favors

Personalized novelty gifts make for excellent office party favors – try pens, glassware, key tags or diaries using the company logo. Edible favors for example candy, chocolate and baked merchandise is also a good option and guests may take home with them after the office party. More festive themed favors include party hats, Christmas ornaments and crackers.

Use the above festive party ideas to throw a memorable office Christmas party to let staff relax prior to the holiday. Use games and party favors to possess fun and get into the festive mood in a corporate holiday party. Read Office Christmas Party Games for more information on games.

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