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Posted by on Dec 24, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

New Year Party Games 2014

New Year is the time to put behind the old year and welcome the new days, with style and fun.

If you are willing to organize New Year party games to engage your dear ones because they celebrate this occasion along with you, choose the ones that kids in addition to adults can enjoy. From treasure hunts and volley balloons to charades and musical chairs, there is a wide variety of games that can be played during New Year parties. Below, you will find the format of these games and more!

Musical Chair

Musical Chair Game

Musical Chair Game

This is one of the oldest games played in New Year parties. You will need the number of chairs to become one less than the number of guests playing. The chairs are arranged one after the other, in a row, in zigzag manner. The host is close to the music system and stands with his/her back to the chairs. Participants will have to move as soon as the music starts and take a seat on the vacant chair the moment it stops. The one who doesn’t manage to get a chair for himself/herself is ‘out’. One chair is removed after every round and the person who grabs the last chair is declared ‘winner.’

Volley balloon

Every participant in this game must link an arm with his/her partner and begin batting a balloon back and forth with the other hand. If you and your partner volley the balloon up to the longest distance than the other participants, you win the game.

Guess the month

Visit your local library and appear through newspapers and magazines for the important news covered in the year gone by. Prepare a list of these events and allow your guests guess in which month the events occurred. The person with the maximum number of correct answers is declared the winner.

Funny makeover contest

This is one of the New Year party games that involve a great deal of fun and laughter. All you have to do is, acquire some costumes and make up ready for the guests and give them some time to dress up as funny figures. Each guest must vote for the person who has performed the best based on him/her. The person getting the maximum votes wins the sport.

Grouping Game

This is a fun, fast moving game that keeps everyone involved. In this game, everyone collects inside a big group and the leader of the sport calls out a number. The players then group themselves as per the number called by the leader. The people unable to enter a group because the required number is reached and are left out are considered ‘out’ of the game. The number of participants eventually gets smaller and smaller, as the number gets smaller and smaller. The winning group can have any number of people between 2 and 5.

Funny Face Contest

This game is quite popular around New Year and provides a good laugh to everyone. You can ask each guest to create funny face and can tell him/her that there is a gift for the winner. Do not forget to click a picture of each of them individually and have a print out of it. The one with the higher number of votes is declared a winner. This game will give a great laugh to each one of the guest present there.

Treasure hunt

This is one of the most popular games played about this special occasion. Hide the party favors you’ve collected for your guests. Divide your friends and relatives into two teams and let them gather the items. The person who collects the maximum number of items wins the prize.

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