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Posted by on May 14, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

Love Poems For Boyfriends Birthday

Birthday love poems for your boyfriend are so memorable to share.

Birthday poems are the good way to express your emotions and the depth of love you have for family. Birthday poems can convey in a better way the content to the person that he or she has an excellent value in your life.

Love Poems For Boyfriends Birthday

Love Poems For Boyfriends Birthday

I’m Sticking To You

I really like you so much.
Sometimes it hurts so bad
To become without you.
You tell me exactly the same.
So on this your Birthday
I’m sticking with you like glue
From morning til evening
I will be calling your name.
Happy Birthday!

I Adore you Babe

Scented candles
Romantic music
Cleanliness abound.
Just me and you babe
No kids around..
We’ll celebrate your birthday
From sunup to sundown.
Happy Birthday!
I really like you Babe
I’m so happy your the main one I found.

I love to feel you upon my skin
I love to feel your breath upon my chin
I enjoy bask myself in you
And feel your heart, beat so true
I enjoy feel your hand caress
I love to feel your heartbeat in my chest
I love to feel every single sigh
I love that twinkle inside your eye
I love to feel your ex
I love to be in your arms, being hugged

When I close my eyes, it’s your face that I see,
When I aren’t seeing you for days, I lack all of the glee.
My darling, you’re my knight in shining armor,
Without you, my entire life will lose its humor.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

If you want for something hard enough, it’ll come true.
And perhaps I’ve wanted you before my soul was sent.

Right down to earth And may be I’ve wished with enough contentration for you.
To be the only love of my entire life. Always and forever.

Happy birthday Darling !

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