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Posted by on Apr 6, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

How To Make A Scrapbook Family Ideas

A scrapbook is a memorabilia of prized possessions. It provides a way to make a compendium of memories with old photographs, newspaper cuttings.

Scrapbooking memories and creating memory pages have fast gain popularity hobbies. Online scrapbooking communities have popped up where scrappers show off their traditional scrapbooking pages by uploading photographs of their finished pages and scrapbook projects. Scrapbook hobbyists all over peruse the Internet to find the best gallery ideas for scrapbooking inspiration. Search for specific things that appeal to your own personal tastes when searching for quality scrapbook galleries.

How To Make A Scrapbook Family Ideas

How To Make A Scrapbook Family Ideas

Making Scrapbook Family Tree

Before you decide to plan to make a scrapbook of your family tree, you must do some preparations beforehand. Your scrapbook should be a revisit to your family history, that you need to find out the basic information to give your family tree data.

Gather The data

Make a list of the people that make your family tree. Remember of the relationships, places they lived or were vital that you them, important dates, noticeable events that happened. You can gather these information with a little bit of research work from your part. You’ll find the relevant information from old photo albums, documents, certificates etc.

Scrapbook Family Tree

Things You Need

  • A photo album (post bound, expandable spine and 3 ring album)
  • Print out of a tree
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Color pens
  • Satin ribbon
  • Tree embellishments

How To Make

  • Select the required photos that you want to paste in your scrapbook.
  • You can give a new look to the photos by cropping , coloring or matting them.
  • Plan a layout for the scrapbook, best would be that of a tree.
  • Take an enormous print out of a tree and paste it to the scrapbook. You can decorate the tree with embellishments of foam apples, peaches along with other fruits and leaves.
  • Start gluing the photos of your grandmas’ and grandpas on top of the tree.
  • Paste the photo of your mother under her parents’ photos as well as your father’s under his.
  • Remember to leave enough space for titles, journal, and embellishments.
  • Paste the photos of their respective siblings alongside.
  • You can steer clear of the first family tree with the photos of your cousins and also you.
  • Take the next page; portray another family tree, including you, your spouse, and the relatives.
  • Continue making family trees until everybody in the family finds a place in your memorabilia.
  • Make a little satin ribbon bow to paste it over the very best of each portrait.
  • Use color pens to attract borders for each portraits.
  • Write titles for each portrait, you can even mention time and date of the incidence.

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