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Hawaiian Birthday Party ideas for everyone

Hawaiin parties are theme based with tropical ideas which can transform an average party into a most memorable one. Just surf these ideas to apply them in your next bash.

Birthday parties are total fun and entertainment for everyone. If you want this year to arrange a hawaiian birthday party then the following ideas will prove very helpful to your preparations. Starting from selecting the theme to party decorations or food and music to the dresses and games, we have ideas for all. Just read them and apply them to your party to make it one of the most memorable among your guests and visitors.

Hawaiian Birthday Party ideas for everyone

Hawaiian Birthday Party ideas for everyone


The foremost is the selection of the theme for this type of party. This will decide the other menus and items of the party and show as to in which direction you wish your party to go with your friends and There can be number of themes to select from namely:


All party goers wear wild flower garlands, wild grass skirts, coconut tops etc.


In this theme the emphases is more on the decorations and elements rather than on the dress. They can tiki torches, tiki head decorations, tiki head cups, and for a higher budget affair, a tiki hut complete with grass thatch roof for serving drinks.


In this type of party every show up wearing vintage bathing suits. Decorations include things like old surfboard car images, weathered wooden signs saying, “This way to Oahu”.


One has to decide what types of costumes your guests should show up wearing. There are different directions to go with this, and it can be included into any of the other themes as well. Some of the more popular costumes can be:

  • Tacky Tourist: tackiest tourist outfits.
  • Hawaiian Shirt Contest: tropical shirts.
  • Hula Dancers: hula gear.
  • Hawaii Beach: beach bum shorts, flip-flops and sunglasses


Arrange some empty water bottles and fill them will sand and shells to give beach look. Then roll the blue colored paper invitation of the birthday party into the bottle. Arrange to hand deliver or send by courier to esteemed guests in advance to the party day.


You can plan for a hawaiin decoration theme all over the birthday venue. Green and blue streamers are tied all over the venue. Bamboo lights hang on the way to the venue. Large cut out of palm and coconut trees are hanged all over the walls of the venue. Tiny sea shells are scattered allover the table with the cake. Fill an attractive basket with fruits like coconut, bananas, papayas and pineapples and put it as the centerpiece for that food table.


Birthday Cake can be rectangular shape with the fight frost cream over it sprinkled with brown sugar or you can have another option with white frost cream with a touch of blue color to attract the guests.

Snacks or appetizers can include tropical fruit salad, pineapple wedges, grilled salmon and fruit kebabs. Strawberry shakes or Hawaiian fruit smoothies could be included in the drinks.

Other food ideas are :

  • Pineapple and other tropical fruit chunks or salads
  • Grilled fish or pork
  • Tropical punch is a fun choice for kids. Consider adding drink umbrellas or party picks
  • If one wants to get fancy, skewered fruit cubes can be set into tall drinks
  • Canned drinks are easiest and may be put in a big bucket or children’s pool full of ice


Games like Limbo, musical pools, beach volleyball, tropical sand storm can be some of the popular games that can be played in the hawaii party. Arrange for sand painting and tissue flowers craft making competitions if kids are also invited in this party. Buy an attractive prize for the winner and distribute consolation prizes for the other participants. The following games too will create an atmosphere of fun and entertainment in the whole atmosphere.

Costume Contest

Contest ideas, “Tackiest Hawaiian Shirt”, “Best Dressed Hula Dancer”, “Most Authentic Beach Bum”, “Most Worn Pair of Flip Flops” when organized and communicated properly to th guets in the invitation cards prompt them to come resy in the same format only. Let your guests know in the invitation if there will be a costume contest, so they know to dress to impress!

Flip Flop Flinging

Line up everyone and ask them to toss a flip flop as far as they can. Then measure to see who got it the furthest. Another variation is to have an inflatable pool ring hung in a tree and have a flop flop toss to see who can get it through the pool ring.

Hula Dancing Contest

Have a hula dancing contest to see who the best hula dancer is! Variations would be who can hula the longest, who can hula the fastest while still looking like their hula dancing, who can hula the slowest, etc.


Fix a budget as to decide how much you want to allot for decorations, food, party favors and door prizes. Choose between 3 and 5 games to play. Make sure to have the instructions on hand for how to play if there are complex rules. If it is a kids or teenage birthday party you can add another 4 games as back-up plans. You’ll never know which ones they’ll race through in two minutes.

Time frame

Also set up a time frame of events. You may want to initiate the interesting activities over the ones which are turning out to be boring. This will keep kids from feeling monotonous and adults from getting too tired out!


In Hawaii it means many things, including hello, goodbye, welcome and a general feeling of friendship. Get the feeling of warmth nd friendship by this very interesting concept of greeting guetst at the door with an “Aloha,” a smile, and a flower or shell lei (Hawaiian necklace). Leis may be purchased at party stores.


Tropical fans, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, sand toys, sunglasses, hula hoops, grass skirts, candies, mini beach balls, beach towels, flower leis and beachcomber hats are attractive party favors ideal to be given to the guests as gratitude for attending the Hawaiian Luau birthday party.


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