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Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Fun | 2 comments

Hawaii Birthday Party Ideas

Hawaii Birthday Party Ideas seem to be an unique birthday party idea, especially if it is made for kids.

Hawaii Birthday Party Ideas seem to be an unique birthday party idea, particularly if it is made for kids. Since birthday party is a vital occasion for your kids, making a unique birthday party could be great. Parties are the joyful moments that everybody cherishes in their life. So, you need to arrange the party in a way that your friends and family members is deserving of a merry time to meet up. Party supplies are the key stuff that make a party more beautiful and therefore more attention should be given while choosing it. Actually many different types of birthday party you could make. One of many unique birthday party it’s Hawaii birthday party.

For having unique Hawaii party, it’s also wise to prepare the unique cake birthday. To make nice cake, you should also create a cake

Hawaii Birthday Party Ideas

Hawaii Birthday Party Ideas

with a shape of Hawaii island. Then, how about the decoration, In choosing the plates and table cloths, attempt to get those with coconut prints, island patterns and decorate the drinks with umbrellas etc to obtain a Hawaiian feel. Without fun, a celebration will not be complete. So choose great ideas and matching favors which go with the Hawaiian theme. Attempt to arrange a music troupe that plays Hawaiian music or take part in the record of that music. It will give a tropical feeling to every guest. Hawaiian themed party is going to be complete if the host and hostess wear costume that meets this theme. So arrange a celebration with these ideas to have great pleasure to cherish as soon as.

Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party Theme


Beach bottle invitations are popular and squeeze into this theme perfectly. Acquire some water bottles and fill all of them with handful of sand and sea shells. This gives the desired beach effect. Write the party information on bright blue colored paper, roll them up and put them inside the bottles. You can hand-deliver the invitations or send these to your guests via courier. Also try this for Luau birthday party invitation is to fill a paper bag with sand, sea shells after which place the invitation inside it.


Decorate your party venue with green and blue streamers, for that desired lagoon effect. Hang bamboo lights in the entrance way. Decorate the walls with cardboard cut-outs of palm and coconut trees and large posters of marine life. To own final touch, hang shell necklaces round the indoor plants windows. Hang a bamboo chandelier in the center of the venue. Scatter tiny sea shells all over the table, where you stand going to place the birthday cake. Fill an attractive basket with tropical fruits, for example coconut, bananas, papayas and pineapples and put it as the centerpiece for that food table.


Hawaii birthday party

Hawaii birthday party

The cake for your Hawaiian Luau birthday party, iced with white frosting having a tinge of cool blue, will attract everyone’s attention. Another good option is to bake a rectangular cake. To produce the beach effect, apply white frosting to the upper layer and sprinkle brown sugar onto it. Serve snacks or appetizers for your Hawaiian Luau birthday party guests.You may include tropical fruit salad, pineapple wedges, grilled salmon and fruit kebabs within the menu. Strawberry shakes or Hawaiian fruit smoothies could be included in the drinks.


There is a wide range of games specially meant for playing at a Hawaiian Luau birthday party. Arrange games for example Limbo, musical pools, beach volleyball, tropical sand storm. If you’re throwing party for kids, you might arrange sand painting and tissue flowers craft making competitions. Buy an attractive prize for the winner and distribute consolation prizes for the other participants.


Show your gratitude for your guests for accepting your invitation, by providing favors at the culmination of the party. Tropical fans, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, sand toys, sunglasses, hula hoops, grass skirts, candies, mini beach balls, beach towels, flower leis and beachcomber hats are attractive party favors ideal for the Hawaiian Luau birthday party theme.


  1. Make a beach cake. Bake & ice a sheet cake, leave part of the icing flat, (for that beach), take blue icing & make waves for that ocean. Then sprinkle graham cracker crumbs around the “beach”. You can then drape a lei across a large part. See if you can find some mini palms or small, clean shells.

  2. Birthday is one of the special occasions for those individuals; when coming to the kid’s bithdays, there needs to be some special care and attention given to them. Most of them desire to celebrate it in a grand way. Here’ would like share few birthday party decoration ideas for kids, please have a look at it.

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