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Guide to Tween Birthday Party Ideas

The birthday parties for tween girls and boys can be celebrated with some dedicated efforts by planning in advance.

Finding party ideas for teen birthdays can be tough. Depending on their age, your teens might just want to get away from the house to be with their friends, especially when they obtain a bit older.

The birthday parties for tween girls and boys can be celebrated with some dedicated efforts by planning in advance. Tween birthday parties are a good way for bringing everyone you love under one roof and have a great time together. Given below is some information about the unique tween birthday party ideas which include birthday party places, birthday cards, cake ideas, gift ideas and much more.

Guide to Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Guide to Tween Birthday Party Ideas


Themes make the birthday parties more entertaining and help tweens to expand their social circle. An interesting birthday party theme will make the party a really memorable one. If your friends are Hollywood movie buffs, then you can arrange for the screening of a film, which you all like. Watching a film with your best friends is always an excellent fun-filled experience. Enlighten the atmosphere by putting on clothes like those worn by the actors and cheer every scene you like.

Birthday Card

You can prepare attractive birthday cards either by hand or by using various drawing packages available on the computer. You can stick or draw cartoon faces and color them in suitable colors. The cover page can be decorated having a photograph of the birthday boy or girl surrounded by different design patterns. You can take some suggestions from the Internet for tween birthday card ideas.

The information which contains the birthday party invitations for that guests along with the venue and time, should be on the next page. The birthday invitations wording should be nice and casually written with lots of fun quotes. Dispatch the birthday cards for tween well-in-advance of the date of birthday celebration too in order to avoid confusion at the eleventh hour.


A birthday party celebration cannot be complete unless the tween boy or girl cuts a nice looking cake. Birthday cakes of different types, sizes and shapes are available in the market. Choose the one which is a hot favorite one of the kids, as this celebration is mainly for them. Tween birthday cake ideas for tween boys will be a Pineapple cake or a train shaped cake while those for tween girls would include a Cinderella cake.

The sports ball cakes and toy story cakes are specifically very popular among the tweens and are the best tween birthday cake ideas. In the sports ball cakes, the balls may either be a basketball, a football or a baseball according to the wish of the birthday boy or girl. A toy story cakes consist of superheroes from novels and story books. Put the cake on a table and cheer the birthday kid once he cuts it. Wish him ‘Happy Birthday’ and bless him for his good chance.

Tween Birthday Party

Tween Birthday Party


Games such as playing carom, snake and ladder, and hide and seek provided great entertainment. Arranging for running races, basketball and football matches can make the birthday party more exciting. Indoor games for example scrabble, singing contests, home making from bricks and outdoor games like jumping games, skating and tug of war is going to be loved by all the participants.


Gifts are a vital part of all sorts of tween birthday parties. Gifts can consist of anything that the tween boy or girl can use every day such as crayons, water colors, a bicycle, a sketchbook, toys and also chocolates. Various gadgets such as iPods, MP3 players and portable CD players may bring a smile on the face of the birthday boy/girl. When the guy is fond of sports, you can gift him with sport equipment for example tennis racket, a football, a basketball or perhaps a simple chess board. Clothes and story books are also one of the best tween birthday gift ideas. Love and affection linked to the birthday gift are far more important compared to price and glitz of the gift.

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