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Posted by on Oct 18, 2014 in Fun | 0 comments

Great 7 Halloween Party Ideas For Teenagers

Great 7 Halloween Party Ideas For Teenagers

Halloween parties have to be fun and scary. They are quite different from the regular ones, and that's why everything in the party, the decoration, music, games, etc.

Halloween party ideas for teenagers aren’t always easy to come up with for this number of typically hard to please kids. The teenagers aren’t really kids, however they are not quite adults yet either, so locating party ideas that will please the teenagers and the parents can be hard work. When the idea of planning a Halloween party for teens is making your hair on the back of your neck fully stand up, never fear there are plenty of party ideas that provide just the right mix of chills and thrills for that teen crowd.

Halloween Party Ideas For Teenagers

Halloween Party Ideas For Teenagers

Costume Contest

Costume contests are Halloween party staples, and they’re great for teen parties. Allow the kids vote for their favorite costume, and have different categories for the competition allowing you to have a few different winners. Of course, be sure you have some prizes on hand for the best Halloween costume winners.

Scary Movie Night

Sometimes, all a group of teenagers wants to do is spend time together and watch a movie. You are able to give your movie night a celebration feel by decorating a “theater” in your house – a special viewing area stocked with comfy seats and a lot of snacks. Have a good selection of scary movies on hand; bring new favorites and classic scary movie fare.

Be Creative

Teens can often like to show their creativity. Why don’t you let them carve a pumpkin? Make it a group project and have several on hand for the teens to carve. They may be the judge of whose is best and put the pumpkins on display for those to see.

Haunted House

If your neighbors or any other parents are willing to lend a hand, teens love haunted houses. Set up an area of your home as a haunted house. You do not need much more than dim lighting, a spooky soundtrack and some good sports willing to don an outfit and jump out at unsuspecting teens.

Halloween games for teenagers

Halloween games for teenagers

Party Tips for Teens

Most teens want to be treated like adults instead of kids. You can put a grown-up twist in your party to make it appealing to teens. Use simple decorations to create the mood and have plenty of activities on hand to keep the teens entertained while staying from trouble. Be sure to stay close by and make sure that the gathering is well supervised at all times.

Playing Games

Halloween games for teenagers should be exciting, scary, and fun, at the same time. Some of the games are – ‘hide and seek’, wherein all of the teens will be hidden and someone dressed like a ghost will try to hunt them; ‘truth or scare’, where a teen has the option of either answering an issue truthfully or doing something to scare another guests; ‘treasure hunt’ in which some kids will look for the hidden items for example apples, witch’s broom, garlic, candles, marshmallows, etc., in the party venue, while the others will attempt to scare them.


Since most teens will be dressed in a number of fun costumes, one of the most exciting party ideas is always to have a costume contest. You may also arrange a fashion show. Another activities can be – Halloween movie quiz, sharing scary ghost stories with everyone, apple races, along with a pumpkin carving contest.

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