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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Fun | 0 comments

Best Fun Teenage Party Games

They're a great way to make your party memorable and get everyone involved in the fun.

Teen party games make going to a teen party that much more fun. If your throwing a teenager birthday party, here is a listing of fun games to play with groups of teens. Some are active games, some are ice breakers and some of the birthday party games in this list go with a theme party.

Best Fun Teenage Party Games

Best Fun Teenage Party Games

Teenagers and parties work together. With teenage, youngsters say goodbye to the years of dollies and fairytales and provide way to the world of make up and cosmetics, mystery books and films. Teenage is also starts time of endless dreams, desires and hopes about one’s life. Partying is among the favorite activities of every teenager. Parties for teens really are a deadly combination of fun and excitement. How often do you find a bunch of over excited teenagers using a party that is properly planned and it has no hassles absolutely!

It may seem like a bit of a challenge to arrange a teenagers’ party, but it is not at all impossible. With proper planning and preparation, organizing a teenager party can be a cake walk!! You just need to think about of a few aspects, for example decoration, invitation, dress and favor. Once these are actually taken care of, rest assured you are going to come with an excellent party ahead. In our related sections you will find Teen Party Ideas that can make this mammoth event appear to be a piece of cake. So, just explore the ideas and have loads of fun. They’re a great way to help make your party memorable and get everyone involved in the fun.

Human Pretzel

Stand it a circle, hold out your hands and grab each hand to a different hand (belonging to anyone aside from either person standing alongside you). As a group, make an effort to “untwist” yourselves into a circle without letting go of anyone’s hand.

The Mummy

Break into groups of two or three. Each group gets a roll of toilet paper and picks one individual to be the “mummy.” When the time starts, all the teams have to wrap their mummy using the whole roll of toilet paper. The two teams who win will be the team who rolls up their mummy the fastest and the team who has one of the most creative mummy.

Eat the Donut

Thread donuts (one donut for every two people) through a thick bit of string, and hang the string between two trees. Break off into

Musical chairs games

Musical chairs games

boy/girl pairs, and find out which pair can eat their donuts first without needing their hands or arms. When the donut falls on the floor, the team is eliminated.

Musical Chairs

Yes, it’s the same musical chairs from the moment you were a kid…but it could be even more fun now that you’re older. Create a sound lesson playlist and have one person control the music’s starting and stopping (employing a different song each time). For a flirty twist, give a rule that if you are on the chair with your feet started when the music stops, you’re safe. (This’ll encourage a lot of lap-sitting.)

Freeze Dance

Make a party playlist that’s fun to bop to. Like with “musical chairs,” one individual is in charge of controlling the music. While the music’s playing, all people have to shake their booties off – then when the music shuts off, anyone who doesn’t freeze in position is eliminated. The winner may be the person who lasts on the oasis the longest.

Lap Chain

Another flirty circle game. Stand it a circle and have everyone use face the best. Then squeeze in, making the circle smaller and smaller, till everyone’s close enough to slowly start found on each other’s laps. The goal is always to have everyone sitting down without any chain collapsing and everyone falling by themselves butts.

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