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Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Fun | 0 comments

Fun Outdoor Water Games for Kids

Fun outdoor water games are a part of summer fun.

Children of all ages love playing with water. This is especially true during summer, when sweltering temperatures allow it to be uncomfortable to play many other outdoor sports or activities. Savvy parents and camp counselors know a few simple water games to entertain kids on hot summer days. These games could be played in the backyard or in a little private swimming pool.

Fun Outdoor Water Games for Kids

Fun Outdoor Water Games for Kids

Fun outdoor water games are a part of summer fun. When you start to look at the many ways that you can start to enjoy your summer, you will find that pool accessories are a great way to enhance your pool time. The best accessories in the pool can help you to add hours of fun and even the youngest children entertained throughout the duration of the entire summer.

Here are some ideas for active water fun in your own backyard:

Water Balloon Games

All children love water balloons, and while just tossing them around could be fun, Family Fun’s “Summer Games” . For the first game, pair children up. Give each pair a bucket along with a plastic bat. One child tries to score a point by tossing a water balloon in to the bucket, while the other child defends the bucket by trying to hit the water balloon using the plastic bat. Keep track of points earned; the kid with the most points wins. Another game is to try to catch a water balloon with something apart from your hands. For this activity, stop the top of a gallon milk jug until you have a plastic bucket having a handle. Place masking tape over the cut edges if they are sharp. One child throws the balloons while his partner attempts to catch it with the bucket.

According to the Amazing Moms website, a great way for kids to cool off would be to poke a hole in a balloon having a pin and then fill it with water. Make use of the balloon for a game like hot potato, suggests the in “Water Fun and Games for Kids” article, however in this version the person holding this device when all the water has drained is out. Children enjoy surprises and the other refreshing activity is to place a little toy in a balloon, grow it with water and freeze it. Children must figure out how to thaw their balloons to get to the prizes. This is a unique way to give out favors in a summer party.

Squirt Bottle Activities

Invest in some inexpensive squirt bottles. Young children enjoy just squirting water randomly to see what happens. When they squirt the driveway, they can see the marks they make, after which watch it dry. Many children prefer to use squirt bottles to water plants, and when they get wet during the process all the better. In “Water Games for Kids,” The Learning Channel website describes a game title called Squirt Bottle Barber. One child uses shaving cream to lather up just like Dad and puts on some plastic goggles for protection. Another child can use a squirt bottle from about five feet to clean the shaving cream off their partner’s face. The first team with a clean face wins. Another activity having a squirt bottle requires plastic cups and pingpong balls. Again, children partner up and one child holds the plastic cup having a pingpong ball in it in front of her belly-button. Another partner must stand behind a line four feet back and use the squirt bottle to squirt water in the cup. The team who fills their cup and floats their pingpong ball out of the cup wins.

Water Relays

Set up a relay game having a group of kids and four plastic buckets or pails. Divide children into two teams; place a complete bucket

Water Balloon Games

Water Balloon Games

next to each team as well as an empty bucket across the way. Draw a line several inches in the bottom of the empty bucket. Team members take turns running from the full bucket towards the empty bucket. The first team to fill the empty bucket as much as the line wins the game.

You can have the children transfer the water in a number of ways. Provide each team having a ladle or turkey baster (the same for every team) to engage the children in strategic thought as they figure out how to move the most water. Another option is to provide a plastic cup for every team with three small holes inside it. Team members must fill up their cup, and go to the empty bucket holding the cup over their heads. Kids will cool down as they play because the water in the holes will soak them through.

Water Bomb Games

During the summer, dollar stores and retailers have a large supply of pool toys. One of the products readily available are small, spongelike balls, about the size of a baseball. These balls can be used for several activities to cool off within the summer. Fill a bucket with water and drop within the balls so they will become saturated water bombs. Have children stand on both sides of the bucket, about 20 feet back. Whey you yell “Go!” the kids can run up and grab as numerous water bombs as possible and throw them in the opposing team, like dodge ball. If your child is hit having a water bomb, they are out, and the last person left wins. Exactly the same bucket and balls may be used in a game of tag. The one who is “it” grabs a water bomb and chases the rest of the children. If he hits one, then that child is “it,” too, and may grab a ball and check out and hit some of the other kids. The kid who stays dry will become “it” in the next round.

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