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Fun Outdoor Easter Games For Kids

Easter games for kids outside so that they can get their taste of fresh air and enjoy the beginning of spring.

Fun Outdoor Easter Games For Kids

Fun Outdoor Easter Games For Kids

Easter is approaching fast there will be fun all over. People opt on picnics and enjoy themselves. So, if you find a picnic organized for all, just how can it go without celebration and fun activities or Outdoor Easter Games? You may choose trails of games that can be played when you are out and enjoying on the picnic. These Outdoor Easter Games are took part in groups and these can be referred to as Group Easter Games. There are really innumerable games that’ll be power-packed with energy and vitality to become played as Outdoor Easter Games.

These holidays are an ideal way to celebration and festivity. For example, you are able to play the game of Freeze. Within this Outdoor Easter Game players form a group along with a person is chosen as ‘it’. This individual touches the other player and also the person who is being touched becomes frozen. Now, this individual has to stand with their feet apart.

Outdoor Easter Games

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide your dyed Easter eggs on your lawn, garden, and porch and hang the little ones loose with baskets. Another variation is hiding hollow plastic eggs with clues inside about how to locate the next egg. The last egg contains directions towards the treasure (a Lego toy, toy, or other fun prize)! To prevent disappointment, make sure you have a treasure for each child.

Egg Toss

An egg toss is messy but fun! Pair in the contestants and make them face their partners one metre apart. Let each one of these gently throw a raw egg for their team-mate. If they catch it having to break it, they take a step back before throwing it back. The winning team may be the one remaining for the longest time using their egg intact.

Easter Egg Race

Divide children into two teams. Give each child a tablespoon along with a bucket full of plastic or hardboiled Easter eggs. Place large Easter baskets ten or twenty yards away from each child. Possess the children place an egg around the spoon, and then holding no more the spoon in their mouths, walk over the yard to put the egg within the basket. No hands allowed. Anybody who drops an egg should start over.


In past times in a few areas, Good Friday was your day for skipping, followed by a picnic, in celebration from the spring. This is perhaps an activity to test before too many Easter eggs and cake are consumed.

Kids Easter Parade

Prior to the parade begins, give each child a white plastic fedora and allow him to or her decorate it with flowers, ribbons, glitter, stickers, plastic fruit, lace, and paints. Once all of us have finished a hat, possess the kids line up and parade around to music, revealing the latest fashions.

Easter Piñata

Pick up a pre-made piñata in the store or make your own and grow it with Easter candy and small toys. Fall into line the children and let each one of these take a turn hitting the piñata having a broom handle. If the easter games for children are older, blindfold them before they have a swing at the piñata. Be sure all children are safely out of hitting range.

Egg Rolling

Each player requires a different color of hard-boiled egg for this game. Place one white hard-boiled egg in the center of the lawn or patio. Each player requires a turn rolling his hard-boiled egg. The aim is to get the colored egg to prevent closest to the white egg. Keep extras of every color on hand in case among the eggs cracks or gets squashed throughout the game.

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