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Fun Halloween Party Games for Toddlers

These Halloween party games are sure to keep the haunters too entertained to play any nasty tricks!

Let the toddlers get into the act at the Halloween party with customized games targeted at the active, curious 1-to-3 age group. Organize Halloween toddler activities that allow the kids run, dance and test their throwing and artistic skills. Incorporate holiday themes, music and seasonal images like pumpkins, black cats and friendly ghosts in to the games for added excitement.

Game Ideas For Toddler’s Halloween Party:

Fun Halloween Party Games for Toddlers

Fun Halloween Party Games for Toddlers

Pumpkin Bowling Game

Bowling games are certain to set the tone for your toddler’s Halloween party. Bowling pins can be simply made at home using empty milk cartons or bottles. You can paint them white and draw friendly ghost faces on all of them. The same pumpkin balls in passing the pumpkin game can be used for bowling. Instruct the little guests to bowl within the ghosts. Let the kids take turns for attempting a strike.

Witch Hunt Game

Witch hunting game is a perfect way to kick start your toddler’s Halloween party. Before starting the game, you need to make witch faces from a black colored paper and hide them throughout the house or a room in which you will be playing this game. Allow the kids find the hidden witch faces. People who collect the maximum number of witch faces would be the winner. For making a variation, you can include two or three colored witch faces in to the lot for the next trial. The kids who got colored faces could be given special prizes.

Bean Bag Toss Game

For youngsters bean bag tosses are great fun. They’re easy for you to assemble and cost nothing. To make this toss fit for Halloween try painting an enormous jack-o-lantern on a big box. The kids can score points by tossing their beanbags through the eyes nose and mouth. Posess zero box? Try tossing bean bags into trick or treating buckets, or witch’s cauldrons or actual pumpkin tops.

Pin The Nose Game

Pin the nose is really a customized Halloween game which is just like pinning the tail to some cat. Get the image of a pumpkin and place it on the wall. Add eyes and mouth towards the pumpkin face. Cut out some shapes to make the nose and add a bit of tape on its back. Let the kids play one at a time. Blindfold the player and hand out the nose to become pinned on the pumpkin face.

Mummy Wrap Game

For playing the mummy wrap game, all that you should have are a few toilet paper rolls. Divide the kids into teams and let one kid function as the mummy in each group. The other kids need to wrap the mummy with toilet paper from head to toe. The first team to make use of all of their toilet paper in wrapping wins the game. Parental guidance is recommended with this game, in order to avoid suffocation.

Old-Fashioned Apple Bobbing

Old-Fashioned Apple Bobbing

Old-Fashioned Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is a great Halloween party game. Place apples in a bowl of water. Each player must attempt to get an apple with their teeth while their hands are held behind their backs. Another version would be to hang apples on string and also have the participants try to bite the apple without touching it.

Relay Races Nimbus Style

For a less blood thirsty crowd Halloween relay races will always be fun. Try a twist by adding a broom stick that the players must “ride” via a course. Fans of a certain boy who lived will like this. To really make it a challenge set up a few cones, chairs or other objects for everyone as slalom markers. Place a ball at one end and have the teams make an effort to ride their brooms while pushing the ball in and out of the course markers.

There are about a zillion methods to modify an ordinary relay to suit Halloween time parties, try having the players race to dress in Halloween outfits, or apply face paints. Maybe have them race to unwrap candy with simply their mouth, or with monster claws. Inspiration may come from anything, and kids love relay races consider getting thinking and come up with a concept or two of your own.

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