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Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

Fun Games to Play With Your Employees

Employee games do not have to be reserved for office parties. Games can be played as part of team meetings or all-office meetings.

The success of any organization depends upon the kind of employees it has. When the employee motivation is high and also the staff feels in some way attached to the organization, it will automatically reflect within the passion and hard work the employees put in the work.

As most of us spend a major part of our work day, it is essential that we enjoy our time there to ensure that boredom does not set in which could otherwise bring down productivity. That’s why organizations today plan various kinds of events and games to keep their employees happy. Such activities are not only seen fun, but they also enhance bonding and co-operation among the employees. Scroll down and have a look at these fun office games to play.

Fun Games to Play With Your Employees

Fun Games to Play With Your Employees

Fun Games For Employees


Divide the employees into groups and give a puzzle to every group to solve. It can be of words or large images. Set a particular time to solve it. This can promote team work. The image could possibly be the logo of the company or a punch line.

Tug Of War

This is one of the most common games took part in an organization. The employees are split into two groups and are inspired to pull the rope towards their side. They which manages to pull the opponent team wins.


This really is one of the most interesting games but needs a huge space or a basketball court. Dividing the workers into two teams of 5 members each. Farmville really boosts excitement and competitive perspective of employees. It is also a good example of team performance. The team getting maximum baskets will win.

One Minute Game

This could include any task to become performed in one minute like eating maximum biscuits or breads. Bursting balloons or keeping something in one point to another is another task that may be included. It is fun and due to a shorter period, many employees can see it.

Blindfold Obstacle Race

This game is a real fun. It’s quite simple. For this, divide the employees right into a team of two members. Blindfold one of they members. The person with a blindfold needs to cross a particular area from begin to end with obstacle among. The other team member must guide the blindfolded person to reach towards the final point. The team that seems to reach the final point in the earliest is declared the winning team.

Blind Polygon

The “blind polygon” game allows office staff and coworkers to talk with each other while brainstorming and problem-solving in order to pick up a long length of rope and form a particular shape, whether it is a square, equilateral triangle or perhaps a hexagon. However, all participants hanging around are blindfolded from before the point where they’re instructed to pick up the rope. Like a variation for extra challenge, you might want to remove the blindfold from one participant in return for their powers of speech.

Light The Candle

It’s very interesting game to play. You can now participate in this game. To play the sport, you need to arrange for some candles and match stick. Employees have to light a matchstick and with this single matchstick, they have to light all the candles present. The one that lights the most wins the sport.

Blowing Balloon

This game is also very funny to experience among employees. Participants need to blow maximum balloons in a specific time. After blowing and tying this balloon mechanism, they also have to give some animal contour around it. Shaping the balloon helps make the game more interesting and boosts the difficulty level.

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