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Fun Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

Easter crafts for kids can help them play with their creativity and imagination in a very fun way.

Easter is one of the most sanctimonious festivals for Christians. While adults rejoice the resurrection of Jesus, for kids, Easter is symbolical to celebration and pleasure, rather than religious solemnization. Making crafts is among the favorite activities that kids engage themselves in, during Easter, because it allows them to give a definite contour around their imagination. There are Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, not to mention, Easter fun crafts waiting for them around the holiday. Let your kids enjoy making some beautiful interesting crafts to increase the fanfare of the festival.

Fun Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

Fun Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

Various kinds of interesting easter crafts and games activities form a fundamental element of the Easter celebrations all across the world. Colored and well-decorated Easter eggs together with lilies and Easter bunnies are a fundamental part of Easter festivities. Children participate in many enjoyable crafts and games. They not only form a resource of entertainment, but kids will also get to learn a lot in the entire process. Many of these Easter crafts are related to the holy festival of Easter. Here, we’ve suggested some interesting craft activities for children of age groups.

Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Garland

Our fun Easter garland can also be an engaging hands-on project for the whole family! For extra Easter fun, tuck little treats within the eggs before hanging, then invite kids to select a critter to open for a sweet surprise.Result in the garland: Use black and pink dimensional paint to attract facial features on one half of a plastic egg; let dry. Cut bunny ears, bird wings, and beaks from felt; glue pieces to eggs. Add white pom-poms for bunny tails. Insert an overall length of wire through the holes towards the bottom of the plastic eggs, bending the ends into small loops to produce feet. For the garland, cut a bit of string or yarn towards the desired length.

Easter Carrot Pens

Your Easter bunnies will like these papier-mache-covered pens. Start by taping sprigs of plastic greenery to some pen. Mold aluminum foil round the pen to form a tapered carrot shape. Secure with masking tape. Inside a bowl, whisk 1/2-cup flour into 1/2-cup water. Dip strips of newspaper in to the mixture, then wrap around the foil. Once the foil is covered, let dry completely. For the greatest color, first paint each pen white and let dry, then paint it orange. Utilizing a fine paintbrush and brown paint thinned with water, decorate the carrot with little dots and contours.

Easter Bunny Bags

These adorable Easter bags, designed to look like bunnies, are sure to be considered a hit when filled with eggs and candy on Easter morning.then cut this strip in two to make the two ears. Fold the rest of the piece of felt in half using the fold facing you. Make light marks a scant inch in the side edges and over the top and along the short ends from the ears. Work a pencil with the marks to create holes; thread ribbon with the holes to sew the sides. Sew the ears onto both sides of the bag, leaving the center of the bag between the ears open. Let kids decide what facial expression to include on their bags.

Paper Plate Bunny Masks

Probably the most popular Easter crafts for kids involves making something that has bunnies on or that allows children to dress up like bunnies. For this project, you’ll need paper plates, pink card or pink markers, scissors, an overall length of elastic, craft glue, several chenille sticks and a pom-pom. Have yourself or any other responsible person cut eye holes within the plate and 2 smaller holes around the sides of the plate to operate the elastic through. Cut smaller ears in the pink card (or color some white card pink) making larger ear cutouts in white.

Egg Carton Bird Decorations

Transform recycled egg cartons and plastic eggs into peeping birds for an easy flowerpot decoration. Paint single egg-carton cups and wooden dowels in bright colors; let dry. Glue each dowel towards the back of the egg cup, then glue a plastic egg into each one of these. Add a matching feather to the back of every bird, and paint a large part of the egg cup gold or yellow to create a beak.

Lightbulb Lamb Figurines

These little lambs are adorable! Enable your older kids create this cute Easter craft and recycle burnt-out lightbulbs (and also you don’t need many supplies to obtain them looking their best!). Paint a typical lightbulb white and let dry. Give a face with pink paint, adding more facial features with monochrome paint. Wrap the metal screw top with white yarn to own sheep a hat, then glue on black pom-poms for feet and finish with a bow. Let kids decorate their lambs along with other crafty embellishments, such as glitter or paint if desired.

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