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Fun Brain Games for Adults – Improve your memory

Use fun brain games for adults if you are easily distracted, need to improve your reaction speed, verbal fluency, arithmetic or memory recall.

Brain games for adults and seniors grew out of scientific studies showing that challenging the brain can have positive effects for adults of all ages. Although early scientific evidence concluded that altering the brain was impossible, recent evidence does show that when challenged, the brain changes itself to satisfy new demands.

In fact, each time the brain is challenged, nerve extensions inside the brain, called dendrites, form new connections. Brain training games for example Memory Matrix, Lost in Migration and Word Bubbles provide a cognitive challenge, while being free and fun to experience at the same time.

Memory Matrix challenges each player to keep in mind a pattern, while at the same time, setting up a matrix that grows increasing bigger and much more complex. This brain training game trains the brain’s working memory, flashing a pattern for just an instant before it vanishes. The player is then asked to reproduce it from memory. Here are some of the most fun brain games for adults:

Fun Brain Games for Adults

Fun Brain Games for Adults

Memory Games

Games involving short-term memorization exercise the mind. For instance, by taking a busy picture from the book and studying it for any minute, you can make a game out of attempting to recall the items in the picture where they are situated. Matching games involve pictures of item pairs which are flipped over one at a time and the memory can be used to recall where the match is situated. While matching games are most often used toddlers, adults can enjoy these brain games, too. With both of these games, the bonus is that they can be played alone or with other people, and they are inexpensive to recreate at home.


Puzzles are wonderful brain games that challenge your brain in an entertaining way. Popular puzzles which are brain activities include logic, crossword and jigsaw. Logic puzzles involve utilizing a chart to organize information asking you to sort out the details about several types of people when given only parts of the required information. These puzzles are challenging and frequently take hours to complete based on their complexity. Crossword puzzles are popular for everyone. Using clues, the player fills within the blanks where certain words cross over shared letters. Logic and crossword puzzles make wonderful travel brain games. Jigsaw puzzles need a flat sturdy surface and are not good for traveling, but do not involve writing or reading. Children often begin with jigsaw puzzles with only a few large pieces. Complicated jigsaw puzzles are sold that are three-dimensional portraits when completed for any real challenge.

Speed Game

Speed Match improves your brain’s capability to interpret information. Use this game to improve the speed at which your brain processes information. You are able to think faster and perform tasks more effectively by improving the speed at which your brain functions.

Computer Games

While they might seem childish and distracting initially, online strategy games can help develop and exercise your mind. Titles such as Bookworm and Text Twist make use of your language arts skills, while Bejeweled and Jewel Quest concentrate on logic, pattern, planning and organization skills.

Strategy Games

These types of games are dedicated to teach long term planning of actions made to achieve a particular goal, quite simply, learn how to be able to think ahead, while taking into consideration all possibilities.

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