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Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Fun | 0 comments

Fun And Creative Easter Crafts Ideas For Kids

Fun And Creative Easter Crafts Ideas For Kids

Make your spring bright and your Easter memorable with these fun and easy Easter crafts you can create with your children.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, and I love that it lends itself so perfectly to involving my kids in the celebration with Easter crafts. If you’ve already bookmarked our ideas for decorating Easter eggs and are ready for some fun but fairly easy Easter crafts for kids to keep you busy over spring break, try one of these 14 ideas we’ve rounded up. One of them might just become your new family tradition.

Easter crafts with your family is a great way to share the season. For many families, Easter and spring go hand-in-hand, so Easter crafts can range from a cute set of bunny ears to a basket that holds all of their treasures. For other families, Easter is a time of reflection about religious beliefs and their projects often have a spiritual theme. For everyone, having the family together is key. So grab the kids, spread out some newspaper and have fun celebrating the season with these projects for the whole family.

easter crafts for kids

easter crafts for kids

Interesting Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Egg Tree

Not only is this Easter egg tree easy to make, the materials are also super cheap! Sweet Floweret recommends hitting the dollar store to score supplies like Easter grass, foam and glitter egg ornaments. Just be sure to watch little fingers with the hot glue gun that you’ll need to create this sweet, colorful, and most of all, festive craft.

Yarn Flowers

Yarn Flowers from Martha Stewart I am in love with these! And not just for Easter crafts. I think these would be adorable for the kids to make and wear throughout the summer/spring. They also make really pretty alternative to bows on presents or a sweet corsage for grandma (or mom!) on Mother’s day. We’re making them with all kinds of funky crazy colored yarn because I love the eclectic look of it.

Jelly Bean Carrots

This is one carrot that everyone likes. Get a large plastic food bag and fill one corner with orange jellybeans until it is the size of a large carrot. Twist the open end tight and cut off the excess. Trim some green tissue paper and stick it out of the top to form the carrot’s greens and tie it shut with a twist tie or rubber band. These are great as party favors or placeholders on the Easter table.

Keepsake Easter Craft

Thriving Home shows you how to create the most adorable Easter keepsake ever with a photo of your child. Grandma will love it, but you may want to keep it for yourself. Kids will love making the footprints needed to complete this truly charming craft.

Carrot Footprints

Carrot Footprints

Easter lilies

Make several of these to form a bouquet. Trace a child’s hands onto white paper and cut out. Tape the thumb and pinky together to form the flower. Use yellow construction paper or yellow pipe cleaners to make the center of the flower. Wrap the bottom with green tissue paper to form the leaf and secure onto a long green pipe cleaner “stem”.

Carrot Footprints

Your baby bunny will adore making these sweet Carrot Footprints from One Krieger Chick. No really, how cute is this craft? It’s perfect for a lazy afternoon or for a group of giddy kiddies on Easter Sunday.

Envelope Bunnies

One more craft that’s associated with Easter crafts bunnies, but this idea has completely different usage! The envelope bunnies are a craft which you can accomplish by using envelopes and paper! Put some delicious treats and candies in them, because that’s the greatest way you can say.

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