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Posted by on Mar 9, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

Family Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter egg hunts are pure fun for children of any age. This Easter, provide kids with a variety of exciting Easter egg hunt ideas. Here are a few fun Easter egg hunt ideas for kids and kids at heart.

Hidden Easter Basket Spider Web

While your children are sleeping, hide their Easter baskets in the house and tie a long string to each one. Loop the strings through

Family Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Family Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

the whole house, around and over and under furniture therefore it looks like a huge tangled spider web eventually leading to their rooms. Tie the end of each string to the doorknob of the child whose basket it’s attached to, so when they come out of their rooms on Easter morning they are able to follow their own string throughout the house to find their Easter basket. Place additional treats along the way to make it extra fun.

Math Egg Hunt

Hide plastic eggs with numbers inside them, ranging from maybe 1 to 5 then, limit the children to the number of they can find, like maybe 6 or something like that then after they’re all found, total up the numbers that are in their eggs and also the one with the highest number wins a prize. Have candy within the plastic eggs too, so that everybody will end up with something

Secret Prizes

Hide plastic Easter eggs with little notes inside, telling exactly what the prize is. It can be within the form of a poem or simply a clue (like this hippety hop). Buy little items such as candy eggs, toys, or little stuffed bunnies or chicks for prizes. Make sure everyone gets at least one prize.

Designated Color Egg Hunt

Keep your egg hunt equal for those of the kids by painting ONE color of egg child. At the start of the hunt, give each child another colored egg for their basket. Let them know this is the color that they’re supposed to hunt for (any other colors don’t count) as well as the number of eggs that are hidden. The very first child to find their eggs wins a special prize.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Hide eggs after which draw a map indicating where each egg is hidden for future reference. Inside each plastic egg, insert an idea to where the next egg is hidden. If you are planning to use real eggs, tape the clues facing outward of each egg. Provide the clue to in which the first egg and then children continue finding eggs until the last egg is found. Insert a special prize inside the final egg if using plastic eggs or hide the prize using the final egg if using real eggs.

Winning Numbers Egg Hunt

Mix plastic eggs with small prizes with real eggs. On some of the real eggs write a number that matches a larger prize such as a stuffed animal, book, candy, games, etc.

Odd or Even Egg Hunt

For this game you must write ODD or EVEN numbers on each egg. Once the kids are lined up for the egg hunt give each a strange or even number assignment. They are able to only get eggs within their assignment.

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