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Posted by on Nov 27, 2014 in Fun | 0 comments

Easy Christmas Wreath Crafts Ideas for Kids

Easy Christmas Wreath Crafts Ideas for Kids

Christmas crafting is a great way to keep the kids busy through the holidays, and to save on your holiday decor budget.

Hang a Christmas wreath on your door to welcome guests. For any simple take on the traditional wreath, pick some evergreen branches out of your backyard (a great job for the kids), bundle them plus a rubber band and hang them in your door with a ribbon. Bundle in certain fresh sage or eucalyptus for an invigorating scent. If you wish to go beyond the traditional, stuff a classic bag or sack with the greenery of your choice and attach a bow along with other ornaments. It’s a quick and easy way to personalize your home’s entrance.

Christmas Wreath Crafts Ideas

Christmas Wreath Crafts Ideas

Christmas wreath is a superb Christmas decoration that symbolizes the approaching of the holiday season. There are different types of Christmas wreath crafts that are quick, fun and easy to make.

Beaded Wreath Craft

This Beaded Wreath Craft requires just a few craft cupboard supplies and can hang proudly on your Christmas tree for several years! Suitable for all ages.

Button Wreath

Threading buttons onto pipe cleaners to create a button wreath is fun (and it is good practice for little kids, too!) Kids of every age group can make a really pretty button wreath using pipe cleaners an

Glitter Glue Wreath

This glitters wreath makes a quick and easy decoration for the Christmas tree which kids could make themselves in all sorts of designs.

Tissue Paper Wreath

Have some fun ripping, scrumpling and sticking the tissue paper onto our wreath template to create this gorgeous tissue paper wreath! Ideal for all ages from youngest children up.

Wool Wreath Craft

Our wool wreath craft is really a fun Christmas activity for kids. Once you have wrapped the wreath you are able to decorate with whatever crafty bits and pieces you have on hand!

Christmas Tissue Paper Wreath Craft

Christmas Tissue Paper Wreath Craft

Wreath Collage Craft

This beautiful Christmas wreath is made from torn magazine paper and buttons, and it is a perfect Christmas craft for all age of children, from youngest up.

Honeycomb Wreath

Wrapping-paper, paper-towel, and mailing tubes haven’t looked so fine. To upcycle yours into something front-door-worthy, make use of an X-Acto knife to cut each tube into two-inch slices. Then, lay a bowl (ours measured six inches across) rim down on a flat surface and arrange the cardboard slices round the bowl, using this photo like a guide. Hot-glue the slices where their sides meet. If you want, perch jingle bells inside.

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