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Posted by on Mar 6, 2014 in Fun | 0 comments

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Adults

Easter egg hunts are pure fun for adults of any age. This Easter, provide adults with a variety of exciting Easter egg hunt ideas.

Easter is a special occasion for everyone, especially children, who expect the Easter bunny to create baskets filled with colorful eggs, presents and candies. It’s a good old tradition of the Christians to cover decorated eggs during Easter celebrations and search for them in return of sweet treats, such as candies, chocolates and other prizes. Initially, real chicken eggs were decorated with colorful paint. Below are some creative egg hunt ideas for kids, as well as adults, that will surely make the Easter day special for everyone.

Unique Ideas For Easter Egg Hunt

Night Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Adults

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Adults

Night hunt is suitable for adults and teenagers, who are ready to play the game in the dark. Color the plastic eggs with glow-in-the-dark paints, in a way that they look unusual. To help make the eggs look bizarre, paint scary images in it, with the paint. Now, hide the eggs behind the shrubs, trees and bushes of your backyard and lawn. Divide players into teams, with a couple in each team. Supply the teams with flashlight. Inside a time limit, say half an hour, each team needs to find as many eggs as you possibly can.

Crack The Clues

Arrange Easter eggs, filled with candies, inside a basket. Gather the participants at one place. Now, give each of them a plastic egg, having a clue to where the next egg is hidden. The clue within the next plastic egg may lead to the third egg and so forth, until the clues finally lead the players to their basket. The fun filled Easter egg hunt is perfectly suitable for people of all age groups.

Name may be the Game

If you are planning to throw an Easter party, the other of the most exciting ideas, that you can include would be to write the name of each of your friends and relatives on different plastic eggs, and place them in five sacks. Within the party, ask the guests to find the egg which has their name on it. The person who finds it first, would be the winner.

Color-Coded Eggs Hunt

Assign ten plastic eggs for every of the participants. Choose a color for every set of ten eggs. Color the plastic eggs and fill all of them with toys or candies. Divide the participants into teams, with two members in each team. Set a time limit on their behalf, say fifteen minutes, within that they have to find their respective set of eggs which are hidden all over the place. The team, which finds its set of eggs first, wins the game. Make sure that every team has got the sweet treats at the end.

Easter ‘Scrabble’ hunts

Paint another letter on each egg hidden for that hunt. The adults then make use of the eggs they find to create as many words as they can. You can hide “bonus” blank letter eggs the adults can use like the ‘blank’ tiles in Scrabble.
The adults who can make up the most words using their eggs, wins a prize.

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