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Diwali Party Ideas For Kids

Diwali is a festival to be clebrated together with your loved ones. The best way to do so would be to plan a get together on Diwali. We assist you to plan your Diwali get together with unique ideas.

Diwali Party Ideas For Kids

Diwali Party Ideas For Kids

With regards to planning a party on Diwali, you’ll have to arrange for the decorations, fireworks, food, games, and party favors. Continue reading to get ideas on how to make these arrangements for the party.

Diwali Festival Party

On the Indian holiday, Diwali, Indians throw open their windows to welcome Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. Hindus celebrating 2012 holiday clean their homes awaiting Lakshmi’s arrival. Diwali is also called the Festival of Lights for that clay lamps Hindus burn lighting the way for that goddess, The light from the burning lamps symbolizes a Hindu’s illuminated mind, based on the website, Activity Village.

Party decorations

Probably the most interesting Diwali party ideas is to decorate your house with colorful rangolis, earthen lamps or diyas, and electric lights that induce the festive mood with this occasion. So, if you’re organizing a Diwali party, these components should form an important part of the celebrations. Diwali rangolis are created with colored rice flour paste which is often used to create various patterns of designs.

Rangolis reflect geometrical patterns, figures of gods and goddesses, diyas, and holy symbols like “Om” and “Swastika”. You are able to engage your kids in making these rangolis for the Diwali party. In case you’d like to decorate the rangolis, use marigold flowers and red roses to make your designs look special.

The rangolis help you extend a warm thanks for visiting your guests. Aside from rangolis, you may adorn your house with torans. Choose torans that are embellished with beads, items of mirrors, and idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha. Just hang these beautifully decorated torans on your doors and windows, and you’ll find the difference they create to your home décor.

One of the exciting Diwali party ideas would be to adorn your home with colorful candles which come in artistic shapes and fashions.Floating candles can be used for your home decorations for Diwali party. Wax-filled candles with floral patterns and glitters give a bright charm to your celebrations. These candles look like flowers like lily, sunflower, orchid, and rose. They behave as the perfect decorative items that can adorn your house for festive parties.

Apart from rangolis, torans, and candles, you may use wall hangings for adding a unique touch to your home décor during Diwali parties. Wall hangings with intricate embroidery focus on a piece of cloth having the idol of Lakshmi and Ganesha mounted on them are widely used during Diwali party décor.

Diwali Diya Lighting

Hindu children take part in the Diwali diya lighting contest. Children divide into teams. People in each team, according to the website, Kids Gen, rush around an area with unlit earthen Diwali lamps called diyas. (Use electric lamps for kids’ safety within this game). The team that lights probably the most lamps within a set time wins the sport.

Food and drinks

One of the best Diwali party ideas is to incorporate a variety of sweets like Gulab Jamun, Kesar Peda, and Kesar Kaju Katli. Don’t forget

Diwali fireworks

Diwali fireworks

to incorporate sweet dishes like Kesar Bhaat and Badam Ka Halwa. However, these recipes works well for the dessert. As for the main dish, you might include vegetarian food like aloo dum, paneer gravies, paneer tikka, cocktail koftas, and coconut okra.

However, if you’d enjoy having non-vegetarian food, then you may include meat samosa, butter chicken, mutton korma among other things in your menu. Fresh juices ought to be served in your party, particularly if you’d like your kids to join you. Spiced orange juice and milkshake coupled with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream (softened) could make your guests feel refreshed and enable them to enjoy your party.

Party games

Planning some games is one kind of those Diwali party ideas that are certain to add fun and excitement for your celebrations. You can organize a fireworks contest that will perfectly match the theme of the party. A fancy dress levels of competition are also an interesting idea for Diwali games. Alternatively, you might organize a diya lighting contest by which your guests may love to participate.

Diwali fireworks

When you’re planning for a party on Diwali, you can add for your celebrations with a sparkling display of fireworks. It’ll bring fun and excitement for your party and help your friends and relatives enjoy the celebration to the fullest. So, get fireworks like rockets, sparklers, ground wheels, and mild flower pots for the dear ones and guests to create the most of the party.

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