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Christmas Party Games That Everyone Can Play

Christmas Party Games That Everyone Can Play

Playing enjoyable Christmas games with family and special friends. There are so many fun Christmas games to play during the Christmas season.

During the holiday season, friends and family of every age group and backgrounds have the opportunity to get together and enjoy a little fun and companionship. The games one plays in their Christmas get-togethers can have a number of age ranges, however. A parent might not wish for their eleven year-old to take part in potentially vulgar adult games, and grownups might find it difficult to enjoy themselves during a game for much younger players. When throwing a celebration for all ages, it is important to find games and activities which are appropriate for everyone involved. With a little thought and creativity, anyone hosting a Christmas party can offer games that appeal to all kinds of crowds. Following are some of the most fascinating games you can think of picking for the christmas party.

Ice Breaker Game

Christmas Ice Breaker Party Games

Christmas Ice Breaker Party Games

Every host is looking for great Christmas party games that are icebreakers. Do this one. Before the party, get enough name tags for every guest. On each tag, place a letter in a different color. These letters should show a Christmas word or phrase. Each color spells out a different word or phrase. So, one number of name tags might show “ornament”, with each tag having a one letter onto it in red. Another number of name tags might have the word “reindeer” spelled out, with each tag having one letter onto it in blue. As guests arrive, distribute name tags randomly. When everyone arrives, have guests find others with similar color letters, then combine their letters to spell a Christmas word or phrase.

Stocking Guessing Game

Fill a Christmas stocking with unusual items. Let each guest have the inside of the stocking (without looking) or feel within the stocking (again, without looking) making a list of what he or she thinks is in the stocking! The winner may be the player with the most correct guesses. Make sure to put in a few challenging objects that’ll be hard to guess.

Christmas Carol Pictionary

Before the party make a list of Christmas Carols. Divide players into teams and play Pictionary while using titles of the carols. A leader from each team draws a slip of paper having a Christmas carol written on it. They have two minutes to attract while their team attempts to guess the carol that they’re drawing. If the team guesses correctly they get the point. If not, the other team receives a chance to “steal”. After the Christmas carol is guessed let everyone sing it! An enjoyable adult Christmas party game.

Musical chairs

Set the chairs up as you normally would for this classic game. Put someone in charge of the music (preferably someone who hasn’t had too much to drink as you may never take a seat) You then need to walk round the chairs until the music stops. When all of us have sat down the person that remains out has a forfeit exercise: they need to do at least 5 sit-ups and three star jumps, or another suitable exercise forfeit.

Colored Ice

Freeze a block of ice (1/2 gal. milk carton) and remove the ice from the carton. You might lay it on its side or stay at home on end, put Ice cream salt on top in several places. Then convey a little food coloring (liquid or paste). Place a different color on each spot you place the salt and allow it to set. Watch the colors work their way into the cake of ice. The kids are fascinated by this.

Musical chairs games

Musical chairs games

Freeze Skating

Give each guest two bits of wax paper or two paper plates for skates. You can prepare a skating rink from clear plastic spread on the ground. Play music in the background and have the kids skate. Whenever you stop the music, the kids must freeze. You may also have them partner skate. Also try this the kids love is to spread shaving cream around the plastic and let them barefoot skate. They love the thought of taking their shoes and socks off! It’s not hard to clean and fun for all ages!

Snowman-Wrapping Contest

Gather some toilet paper, Christmas-themed streamers, and wrapping paper to have a snowman-wrapping contest. Divide guests into teams and also have them wrap one member in toilet paper to look like a “snowman.” Each team also needs to decorate their “snowman” with streamers along with other Christmas decorations. Have the party host act as the judge to find out who wins the award for the best creation.

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