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Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

Christmas Icebreaker Games For Adults

Christmas was always an icebreaker session, even if the people there know each other very well.

Icebreakers make it easy for people to engage in conversation with each other. This is why this kind of games is really important at the start of parties. This is especially true when it comes to the parties where everyone doesn’t necessarily know one another.

It is important to plan these icebreaker Christmas Party Games well ahead of the actual party. This will ensure a far more smooth-flowing program of Christmas games and events. Something that really needs to be kept in mind while preparing these icebreakers is the crowd. The age, sex, and even individual behavior should certainly be considered when it comes to organizing group events for example icebreakers. The icebreaker topics should be on the common ground so that everyone could relate.

Christmas Icebreaker Games For Adults

Christmas Icebreaker Games For Adults

One of the most important things that needs to be considered may be the area where the game will be played. This is the responsibility of the party organizers and hosts. The playing field or space ought to be large enough to allow people to move around. It really depends on what types of games should be played. Often times the space in which the party is held is a little limited. For this reason it is important to really be flexible. The games must have set rules and regulations but they ought to be modified as the need arises.

Popular Christmas Icebreaker Games

Christmas Carols

This is a very popular icebreaker game used during Christmas parties. When the guests checks in, a slip of paper having a Christmas carol written on it is handed for them. This is mainly done to form groups. If, for example, you want to form 5 groups, you will see 5 sets of paper slips, each containing one carol written onto it. Then, once everybody has gathered inside a room, you will have to walk round the room singing your carol before you find everyone in your group.

What Is In The Stocking

All the guests are divided in pairs and stockings containing different gift items and with the mouth tied with satin ribbons receive to each pair. Care ought to be taken to fill different gift components of the stockings. This being done, ask them to make a guess of what is in the stocking and write it down in a piece of paper. This has to be done when the music starts and it has to stop when the music is switched off. Then, each pair needs to read out aloud what they’ve written on the paper. How’s that for done before emptying the contents around the table. If any of them matches using the articles inside the stocking, they are able to pick them up.


This is a very funny icebreaker game that may be played during Christmas time in corporate gatherings. All of the ingredients of making a particular Turkey dish are down on paper on slips of paper. Each of these slips will be stuck to the back of each of the participants. Then they have to arrange themselves within the order in which the dish is created. This game can be further modified to enhance the skills of teamwork by arranging the participants in 3 or more teams.

Christmas Tree

This is meant just for young children below the age of 7. All the participants sit in a ring using the host or the leader in the middle. Then all children are labeled with either with Star, Bauble, Tinsel, Angel, and Snowflake. There should be at least a minimum of two people under each group. Now, once the leader calls out the name of anyone of the groups, say for example, tinsel, then all of the tinsels should jump up and interchange positions with one another. If the leader calls out ‘Christmas Tree’, then all of the children have to jump and interchange positions with one another. This game is very effective in taking the first step as all the children are confused and made to sit near new people.

Question And Answers

Each of the guests is given a chit of paper with whether question or an answer written onto it. The guest who receives a question has to read out aloud until he results in the person who has the answer to that specific question. The person who has the chit using the answer written on it needs to stand up and introduce themselves to the crowd.

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