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Christmas Dance Recital Themes

Christmas dance recital themes can be practically anything your studio can dream up. From the classic to the contemporary, there are loads of options available for any dance establishment that’s looking to showcase their students in classy holiday style.

What to Look For in Christmas Dance Recital Themes

Christmas Dance

Christmas Dance

Recital themes are so diverse, often influenced not only by the head of the dance studio’s preferences, but also by region, local culture, demographic of dancers, and lots of other pieces of pertinent information which are unique to each studio. When it is time for a holiday dance recital, the diversity broadens. Many dance schools decide to have a Christmas theme that is mainstream and applicable to those both religious and more secular within their lifestyles. From the three wise men to Father Christmas, there are plenty of cultural icons that can make a Christmas dance recital fun. However, most groups decide to narrow down the theme a little – something that makes them more individual and notable like a dance establishment. Choosing a theme that will help you stand out in the crowd could be a lot of fun for your dancers, while also keeping your studio fresh in people’s minds when they ever hope to enroll in classes themselves.

City Lights

In case your studio is in the middle of a metropolitan area (or perhaps if it isn’t), “City Lights” is a great theme for Christmastime. Think of New York City throughout the holidays with Rockefeller Center, radio stations City Rockettes, etc. and let your imagination run wild. Design a cityscape decked out with a huge Christmas tree and snow frosted windows. All of the songs inside the recital can be either about the holidays or city life.

The Christmas Song

Open up your show with a an eye-catching and impressive number. For instance, set the dance to The Christmas Song Holiday Remix by Christina Aguilera. This can set the theme for that rest of your dances, which will all be to Christmas music – remixed. Try Michael Buble for “Let It Snow” rather than going with something more vintage. Throw in some Trans Siberian Orchestra for your modern dance class, and continue rolling up with this theme until you have a remixed Christmas song for each level and discipline.

Step Into Christmas

Again, use Christmas songs, but additionally work in some legends that deserve to be remembered during the holidays – Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash – their email list is endless. Mixing up holiday classics with just classic songs in general is a superb way to keep your audience engaged over the recital, especially since most studio performances run well over the acceptable two hour mark.

Snow “Ball”

Help your performance venue into a formal winter ball, filled with the invitation for your audience members in the future dressed in semi formal or full out formal attire. Theme all of your dances after Broadway shows or classic movies which include formal scenes – ballroom dancing, princess themed songs and dances, etc. Have your dancers vote on their own favorite songs so that you can give each group of dancers a number that is relevant and fun for every age group.

After you have selected your Christmas dance recital theme(s), make sure to save a lot of time for advertising. Theme picking must start over the summer so you have plenty of leeway with getting the word out to students and parents. Christmas is an extremely busy time for many families, and also the further in advance they know about the recital, plus any pertinent information like a theme to help “sell” it for their loved ones, the better.

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