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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Fun | 2 comments

Birthday Party Decoration ideas with Balloons

There are different balloon decorating ideas which we can implement while using a little bit of creativity and innovation in the party decoration.

Balloons are the inexpensive decorative items that can adore your kid’s birthday party with color and glamor. Moreover the kids

Birthday Party Decoration ideas

Birthday Party Decoration ideas

love the inflated & colorful balloons when they fly lively in the air making the whole atmosphere energetic. Beautifying the place with balloons creates a cheerful mood and also a radiant and carefree ambiance. Different places of the party area can be decorated with these balloons like the entrance area and the door knobs look great when they are tied up with the balloons of different colors. Similarly other party zones can also be identified for the same.

A balloon theme party favor can be done with the name of the birthday kid and the event printed on the hot air balloon and they are then pasted on various locations.

There are different balloon decorating ideas which we can implement while using a little bit of creativity and innovation in the party decoration. This article emphasizes many such ideas to be used for the party decorations.

Balloon cake

Most bakers have their specialized staff which can create a cake in the shape of the hot air or traditional balloon with the name of the birthday kid on it.

Balloon centerpieces

A balloon centerpiece is a balloon shaped container which is decorated in the center of the hall and is filled with candies and toys for the kids. This container is broken during the celebrations to celebrate the birth day and make the kids smile and be happy with the falling gifts for them.

Kids flying hair balloon

During the party celebrations, a balloon is tied from the hair of each child with the name of the child written on them such that they fly in the air and the sight of the balloons with names roaming here and there and also dancing during the celebrations makes an enjoyable scene.

Balloon animals

Balloons animals are fun and picturesque to look at. Hire a professional to make them for you or get a to do book to create on your own. They make the great balloon party decorations. Dogs, monkeys, swords and flowers are all good easy designs to learn.

Return party balloon gift

Each child attending the party could be sent to his home back after the party is over by filling the return gift basket with the balloon stickers, balloon shaped erasers, other goodies and candy all filled up in the basket and a hot air balloon attached to the basket. 

Balloon borderline

Create a balloon borderline with the bi colored balloons for a spiral effect or a single colored balloon for a uniform look. These balloons can be filled with the regular air or they can be filled with the helium and then they can be sticked together with the tape or a string. You can decorate the entrance of the party room or the finish line of the kids’ race with this wonderful idea.

Birthday Party Decoration ideas with Balloons

Birthday Party Decoration ideas with Balloons

Floor balloons

The dance floor area can be decorated with the balloons filled with glitter, confetti or ribbons to create a unique look. Use a smoke or fog machine near the balloons to add dramatic flair to the effect.

Ceiling balloons

Ceiling balloons in white color make the party area which is otherwise usually in dark shade look bright and live. Take care that there are no lights on the ceiling or nearby which can make the balloons blast once they stick to them.

Lighted balloons

Make the opaque balloons get the pastel colors and when they are lighted then they reflect the light while getting illuminated like the strings of the lights. A plain light will give the color of the balloons only while the colored lights will dissipate different colors.

Upside down balloons

Hand the balloons upside down in all the corners of the party venue such that they are filled with the normal air and they do not fly high in the air. The hanging balloons in the different corners and palces of the party venue will be a nice decoration idea for your party.


  1. Hi, I’m planning for my Baby’s first birthday on july 21, which happens to be my birthday too. I loved your tips and am planning make pom poms along with other stuff to cut down the cost in addition to make this party a memory. Loved your page and would like to hear more tips.Thanx

  2. It really is amazing so what can keep babies and the attention. Great ideas

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