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Posted by on Apr 16, 2015 in Fun | 0 comments

Best Short Funny Mother’s Day Poems 2015

Best Short Funny Mother’s Day Poems 2015

Mother's Day in 2015 is on Sunday, the 10th of May. Mother is that special mean of prosperity through which we get strength and motivation to bring impossible thing’s possible. Some funny poems for mother on this special occasion.

Fun and joy are an important part of life, which has gone missing in the present-day world. With deadlines to meet and pressure building up each day, there is no time left to share a light moment with your family and friends. Mother’s Day is a great time to leave the baggage of seriousness and somberness behind, and laugh a little. Humorous poems qualify as one of the most popular ways to get funny on such gatherings. These mother’s day poems are ideal if you want to see your mother’s gorgeous smile. This will also help you have a family get together and thus strengthen the bond that you share. With the help of these songs, lit up the entire room with beautiful smiles. Here’s a list of Funny Mothers Day Poems especially created for Mothers Day. Send this message to your mom and make her smile on her special day.

funny mother's day poems 2015

funny mother’s day poems 2015

Put Up With Me

I’m glad that you’re my mother,
kind and caring and strong.
Coz surely no-one else,
Could have put up with me this long!
Ed: I think this one’s my favorite. Probably because it’s true.


Mommy you are sweet
Mommy you are nice
Don’t ever leave me
Cause you make the best rice!!!!

Dynamite Mother

Roses are red;
Violets are blue.
There is no need
To say I love you.
You already know how I feel
Momma you always taught me
To keep it real.
What you are is really cool and tight
Mom, you’re a Good Times’ DYNAMITE!


You have always been there in the past
Even when telling me to kiss your ass.
Still, you did it with a smile on your face.
Here on earth or deep in space
Everyone would fail trying to keep your pace.
Why should anyone even bother to enter the race
Because no one can ever take your place?
Mom, you’re a straight Ace.


Everyday with you is an adventure
What happened to the money I sent you?
Even though I pay your rent
You are worth every penny spent.
You always getting in trouble,
But I still rescue you on the double.
I know you’d do the same for me
Unless George Clooney got down on one knee.
That’s how a mom is supposed to be.

Relax, Mom

As a mom you are number one
A parent who is second to none
On Mothers day, chores you should shun
For it is time for relaxation and fun
Even if at the end of the day nothing gets done
Just remember we will still love you a ton!

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