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Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Fun | 0 comments

Best Fun Things to Do This Halloween 2015

Best Fun Things to Do This Halloween 2015

The following article will give you some really interesting Halloween fun activities for kids that you can use to make the party a grand success.

Halloween is really a great fun time of the year. Some say it is celebrated to glorify everything that is evil and unpleasant. Partying with your friends and family with the most scary costumes and decorations can be great fun. Bring out the little devil in you with the costumes and makeup.

For the Halloween party, get your friends and family together and have an awesome party. Make ghosts, goblins and ghouls themes of the party. Things to do on Halloween should be scary. Crazy things to do on Halloween party should be listed out to make it fun. Make your kids also involved in Halloween party as kids will surely love the decorations and costumes. Dragging your kid’s attention from television to Halloween party is very easy by having fun elements and games.

Halloween Fun Activities:

Halloween Fun Activities

Halloween Fun Activities


One of the craziest things to do on Halloween is to have weird costumes. Scary devil, zombie, a blood demon can be the right costumes for the fun party. Shop for the best costumes with masks, it should make everybody afraid. It can also be very messy and scary.

Decorating scary House

Another thing to do on Halloween is to make the surroundings haunting and scary to have a devilish effect on the party. You can also choose some themes for a haunted house feel. Pumpkin carving is also important for a Halloween party.

Making Food Spooky

Make a vampire punch, bone crunch sandwiches, spider leg trial mix, monster toes and creepy gel crawlies. These all should be decorated likewise to make the party scary and crazy. Doing crazy things on Halloween foods can make the party successful.

Movie Time

Many people recognize Halloween as the horror-themed holiday where it is okay for things to be eerie and frightening. TV networks even go as far as offering month-long, week-long, and weekend-long movie marathons to set the mood. You can do the same by watching and running horror classics for everyone to watch. It’s a win/win because people either get scared or they laugh because some of the costumes and visual effects in horror movies can either be really realistic or really fake.

Terrifying Prank

Without making pranks on your friends or family, Halloween will be incomplete. You should make some pranks, according to your wits and situation. A simple “BOO” works brilliantly, if you do it at right time. But make sure you do not go overboard with it.

Use Pumpkins

Whether it’s a pumpkin-flavored baked good, a pumpkin-flavored drink, or simply placing a carved jack-o-lantern to help decorate the environment pumpkins are a huge part of Halloween so be sure to use them. If you’re getting real pumpkins like you should be and doing the deed in carving, baking and creating pumpkins, food and drinks then you should remember to remove all loose fibers and seeds.

Making Food Spooky

Making Food Spooky

Share a Spooky Story

Help your child or teen write and illustrate a spooky story and encourage them to retell or act it out. Check out some books on the topic at your local library. Various libraries have Halloween themed story hours. These include Paine Branch hosting children ages 4 to 10 for stories, games and refreshments at 6 p.m. on October 28. Petit Branch also features Halloween Horror Tales for Teens for grades 7 to 12 on October 30. Teens may bring their own short tale to share.

Balloon Pop Game

The game of balloon pop can add fun to a toddler Halloween party. In this Halloween game, children just have to pop the balloons. Two-three balloons should be enough for every child. The work of blowing up balloons has to be performed by parents. While inflating these balloons, treats need to be placed in them. Filling enough treats in balloons should make the kids happy. Children can pop the balloons by bouncing or even sitting on them. It is quite a simple activity to arrange for, however, quite enjoyable for kids.

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