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Posted by on Sep 26, 2014 in Fun | 0 comments

Best Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Best Christmas Card Photo Ideas

There are many ways to create your own personalized cards for the holidays. This guide contains Christmas card photo ideas.

Every year around Christmas time, your mailbox likely fills up with greeting cards from friends, family, and coworkers. Many of them look the same and get boring. If you are planning to send out a greeting card for the holidays this year, make yours something special that everyone will be excited to open and see. Here are several Christmas card photo ideas!

For Couples

Don’t forget the photos

Don’t forget the photos

Don’t forget the photos

While you could send a typical greeting card with a Christmas tree or dove on it for Christmas, your friends and family members could be much happier to see a photograph of your smiling faces! Photo cards are always the best option for holiday cards, especially if you have children. These cards are something people are likely to save and treasure.

Capture the Love for couples

Sometimes, it is all about the intimacy probably the most special feelings in any relationship. If somehow, you are able to capture this feeling being shared through the both of you, it would make for a perfect photograph. There are many ways in which you are able to go about this. Get yourself clicked in the middle of a waltz, with the Christmas tree in the background; hold hands over a candle-lit dinner, with your stare fixed on one another; or, lie down among flowers in a garden. You can also photograph just both hands, holding his, and use photography to enhance the picture.

For Kids

In Their Element

The best way to click a photograph of kids is as simple as clicking it impromptu?when they are in their element. Say they’re having fun with their favorite toy, eating simple rather messily, or laughing uncontrollably. However, if you are searching for some ideas for babies, it’s always great to photograph all of them with their mothers they’re more calm this way. To capture a festive moment, ask them to play around the Christmas tree, amidst gifts and decorations, and wait for the right moment.

While They’re Sleeping

Photographing a baby while he’s asleep is among the best ideas for a Christmas card you’ll be able to picture an angel on your card. Put the baby in a decorative basket and this basket near the Christmas tree. Even better, make sure the entire room is dark and the light of the Christmas tree falls around the basket. It’ll truly be considered a magical photograph. A funny idea would be to photograph your child while he’s sleeping amidst lots of blankets. Using a photo editing software, you are able to write something like ‘Wake Me Up Following the Holiday Season’. The latter idea will not only be funny, but also unique. This is one photograph that will definitely go in your child’s baby book, won’t it?

For The Entire Family

Continuing Tradition

Continuing Tradition

Continuing Tradition

This is the most traditional idea, with this very own twist. Photograph your whole family in front of the Christmas tree or in the dinner table. Now, while you will keep the photograph to just that, we advise you go with the twist. Utilizing a photo editing software yet again, make Christmas wreath halos along with every family member. This way, you do not only get the entire family in one photograph, but also something unique to go with it. Once you’ve sent it to shut ones family and friends?don’t forget to upload it in your social profiles.

Leave a message

Lots of people do not bother to include a note with their Christmas cards. It really says the name of the family members or has signatures. Simply because you are sending the same card to a large number of people doesn’t mean it has to be so impersonal. One good idea I have seen several families do is type up a “family newsletter” that highlights what major events have happened within the last year. They slip it within the envelope with the card also it adds a more personal touch, and allows out-of-town family and friends to know whether you have been naughty or nice.

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