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Posted by on Dec 16, 2016 in Fun | 0 comments

Most Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas 2016

Most Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas 2016

Christmas card making season for everything you need to make your own beautiful handmade Christmas cards ideas.

Cards are a wonderful way to spread Christmas cheers to your family and friends and wish them a great holiday season! Making Christmas cards is a fun craft that you can undertake at home, during vacation. All you need to do is put some effort and a little bit of creativity. The result will surely be amazing. Homemade Christmas cards will be cherished by the recipient for a long time to come. Moreover, they will add personal touch to your wishes, which is not felt in the shop-bought ones. There are innumerable ways to make Christmas cards at home. Given below are some of the best handmade Christmas cards ideas 2016.

handmade christmas cards ideas 2016

handmade christmas cards ideas 2016

Christmas is the day of celebration for Christ Jesus’ Birth. As Christians consider that Christ Jesus is the light of the world. Not only Christians but billions of non-Christians also celebrate the event with great pomp and show. In most of the countries Christmas is a public holiday but in some countries, the day is not recognized as a public holiday.

Making Handmade Christmas Cards

Making Handmade Christmas Cards This past weekend should have been spent packing boxes and getting ready for the move. Instead it went the direction of crafting. Have you ever procrastinated by crafting? That might have been what I did now that I reflect on it right.

Photo Greeting Cards

Grandparents and far-flung aunts and uncles appreciate family photos. Print your photos in a strip, photobooth style, and place it in a rectangular box with tiny treats like peppermints and toffee. This is a great option if you like to make treats, too. A snow shaker photo card is a beautiful creation. Frame your photo with extra cardstock and double-sided tape. Add a teaspoon of chunky glitter, and then overlay the framed photo with clear acetate, sealing the snow inside. Another option is to print the photo in the interior of the envelope. The recipient gets a sweet surprise when pulling the card out of the envelope.

Table Handmade Christmas card

This idea is not only particularly creative, but also reusable. Describe a small table with a nice Handmade Christmas cards and send to relatives or friends. Among all the other Handmade Christmas cards your table is sure to stand out and can be used after the Christmas season as a memo board.

Blank Handmade Christmas Cards

Abstract shapes, pasted on blank cards, make beautiful gift items! Cut various shapes, such as miniature trees and stars out of colorful papers. Paste these shapes on plain white blank cards. For extra glitter, you may glue some Christmas stickers on the outside of the cards. Make sure to write a funny quote inside.

handmade christmas cards ideas

handmade christmas cards ideas

Japanese Wood Envelope Card

It’s an outstanding idea to use Japanese wood envelope template. Grab glue Kraft paper sheet, tape, some fabric scraps. Make uniqueness with your design to strike really an awesome impression. You can also write some Christmas Greetings Messages for a beautiful Christmas impact.

Fabric and Fingerprint Cards

Children always enjoy being involved. With stick drawings and a blob of fingerpaint, you do not have to worry about them being underfoot while you sort out all the other joyful and not-so-joyful Christmas duties. Patterned fabric cut into squares and stars are instant cards as well. Add yarn or ribbon as gift box bows.Draw a string of Christmas lights on a rectangular cardstock and let the kids dip their fingers into paint and arrange their fingerprints as the light bulbs. Fingerprints also make great wreaths and ornaments.Cut out felt into circles or tree shapes. Glue them onto cardstock as a lone tree or a forest. The circles become the ornaments. Throw in some tiny felt squares and diamonds for variety. Circles in different sizes can also become trees and wreaths. Let the kids make stick drawings and instead of coloring them, embroider the outlines with embroidery floss. Also consider stars. Lopsided stars are charming toppers for handsewn trees made from nothing more than piled up backstitches on cardstock.

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