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Posted by on Apr 26, 2014 in Fun | 0 comments

Awesome and Easy Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids

Find amazing summer craft for kids to make such as sunflower craft, Fancy Flops, Popsicle Matching Game popsicle craft and Other summer craft etc.

Summer is such a fun time for the entire family and its a great time of the year for crafts too! We have plenty of summer crafts for kids of all ages that you will enjoy doing with your little ones. We have some kids summer crafts as well as some for older children. We have plenty of ideas including sun crafts, frozen treats cone crafts, beach crafts and many more so simply take a look below and start crafting together with your kids.

Sunflower Craft sunflower craft

Awesome and Easy Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids

Awesome and Easy Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids

Sunflowers that reach in to the sky are one of our favorite parts of summer. What exactly could be summer crafts for kids better craft than the usual sunflower craft made with real sunflower seeds. This can be a simple summer craft for kids that makes a wonderful decoration as well.

Fancy Flops

Give plain-Jane rubber flip-flops an upgrade that adds comfort as well as style. Cut a 1/2-inch-wide strip of knit fabric about 4 feet long. Use fabric glue to adhere the end of the strip towards the edge of the strap where it meets the only. Wrap the strip around itself once and apply more glue to carry it. Wrap the strip round the rest of the strap, adding dots of glue along the way. Finish the strap while you started it, then trim the surplus fabric. Cut circular shapes of various sizes out of scrap fabric. Utilizing a large sewing needle or a craft knife (adults only), poke an opening in the center of the circles. Insert a brad in to the holes and fold back the arms to secure the circles. Use fabric glue to connect the flower to the fabric-wrapped straps.

Letter C Crab Craft letter c crab craft

C is perfect for crab and our easy letter craft provides you with all the steps to create a crab in the letter C itself. Use our provided template, just a little glue and a couple googly eyes to produce your very own crab craft. It’s a great letter craft, summer craft, or ocean animal craft that even young children will love makin

Popsicle Matching Game popsicle craft

Popsicle Matching Game popsicle craft

Popsicle Matching Game popsicle craft

Learning with popsicles – what is better! All you need are a few popsicle sticks, construction paper and our free template to accomplish this fun summer craft. Play an identical game or memory game and personalize it to the skill set of your child. This summer craft for kids is a straightforward way to make learning fun.

Fun-O-lympics Ribbon Wand

Choose the gold with a ribbon streamer wand that’s perfect for rhythmic gymnastics in your own backyard.

Begin with 1 1/2 yards of 1 1/2-inch-wide satin ribbon. Trim each side with pinking shears to prevent fraying. Bend a 2-inch length of 20-gauge craft wire in half, forming a narrow “u” shape. One inch from one end of the ribbon, use a large needle to make two holes about 1/8 inch apart within the center of the ribbon’s width. Insert the ends of the wire in to the holes and pull the wire two thirds of the way through. Bend the ends of the wire to ensure that they’re perpendicular to the length of the ribbon. Fold the finish of the ribbon over the wire ends and secure it with tacky glue.

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