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Posted by on Jan 4, 2017 in Fun | 0 comments

8 Easy Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids

8 Easy Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids

children's birthday party knows that the kids are always games for fun activities.

Kids’ birthday parties require planning, budgeting, and patience. Part of having an enjoyable kids birthday party is to keep the little ones entertained, and party games provide an affordable, fun way of doing just that. There are always new games to try out, but sometimes the most enjoyable games are the tried-and-true classic ones. The games played at the kids birthday party depend on the age of the children, the amount of children at the party, and of course, what the birthday child wants to play.

Party games for children are a must have during a birthday party and these kids birthday party games are the fun games you want if you’re looking to create tons of fun. Watch the fun take shape with these party games for children and you’ll be glad you made them a part of your kids birthday party games. With these fun games its always a party.

kids birthday party games ideas

kids birthday party games ideas

Classic Childrens Birthday Party Games

Musical Chairs

Line up a row of chairs back to back. You should have one less chair than the number of kids playing. Turn up the tunes and have the kids walk clockwise around the chairs. When the music stops everyone must take a seat; one child will be left standing. Continue to play until only one child is left.

Simon Says

Choose one child to be the leader and have her stand in front of the rest of the group. The leader shouts out commands like, “Simon says, ‘wave your right hand’ or ‘bend your left knee'”. The group must mimic her moves but only if she says, “Simon says” first, otherwise they’re out. The last one standing wins the game.

Mummy Wrap

Incorporate this game into an October birthday for a Halloween-themed party, along with bobbing for apples. Divide kids into small groups and have them pick someone to be the mummy (or have an adult be the mummy). Pass out rolls of toilet paper to each group and whoever wraps up their mummy using all the toilet paper the quickest wins.

Candy Circle

When I was a kid one of my favorite games was the candy bar game where you sit in a circle and get to choose a candy bar that was in a pile in the center of the circle. You put it in a paper lunch bag and hoped to keep it. But the game was a lot like a white elephant gift exchange where you could steal someone else’s candy bar (you just had to remember what they had!) and you went around the circle a couple more times trying to get what you wanted.

Balloon Burst

A kid’s birthday party favorite, kids bop a balloon in the air to music. When the music stops, whoever was the last to touch the balloon must pop it and complete a challenge that is on a slip of paper inside. Prepare before the party by writing challenges on paper and inserting them into the balloons before they are inflated. Make sure you have enough balloons to continue the game for as long as you wish.

musical chairs games for kids

musical chairs games for kids

Picking Up a Chit

For this game you need a bowl or basket in which you have to make a considerable number of chits with different activities written on them. Kids will sit in circle and music will be played. A ball will be passed and when music stops, the child that holds the ball will take out a chit and enact what is written on the piece of paper. You can give prizes for the best actor or dancer.

Hot Potato

The classic hot potato game uses a potato, some music, and as many players who want to join the game. Players sit in a circle and pass the potato in a counter-clockwise fashion while music plays. Once the music stops, the player with the potato is out. The winner is the last one in the circle.

Bubble Wrap Races

This game is fun and will having everyone giggling. Buy a large roll of bubble wrap and lay out a 5-foot piece of it in the yard or in an open space. Have each child cross the bubble wrap barefoot the object is to get all the way across without popping any of the bubbles. If you want to make it more competitive, line up three sections and have teams race across to the other side. The team who cross without making a peep (or making the least pops) wins.

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