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Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Fun | 0 comments

7 Best Ideas To Make Christmas Cards At Home

7 Best Ideas To Make Christmas Cards At Home

Every year, family and friends await Christmas cards from each other. Though there are multiple options from where you can buy these cards, it is always better to make them yourself.

As December arrives, we get busy in making Christmas preparations. Almost everyone in our house is eager to work on decorations, gifts and craft items. There are numerous crafts that you can make for Christmas decoration and even for the purpose of gifting and sending wishes. Cards, which are a simple and sweet way of wishing someone are always among the most interesting craft items to work on. So, here are a few ideas on Christmas cards to make the occasion even more special.

Cardstock and Scrapbook Supplies

Christmas Card Making Ideas

Christmas Card Making Ideas

The easiest way to make Christmas cards is to use sturdy cardstock or card-making paper and embellishments, such as scrapbook stickers, ribbons, and die cuts. Make it easy on yourself and purchase a card-making kit, which comes with the supplies you need to make specific types of card, or venture out on your own and gather your supplies to make customised Christmas card designs. Make your cards pop with three-dimensional stickers, and add silk poinsettias, ribbons, crystals, and adhesive letters to your designs.

Photo Cards

Purchase blank photo frame cards and insert your favourite photos inside the cards. Embellish the cards with stickers, letters, ribbons, and die cuts, but do not forget to add the date to create special mementos to send family members and friends. Let kids help with this project and add glitter, sequins, and wrapping paper bits to the cards. Another idea is to create small photo cards and use a hole punch to create a hole in the tops of the cards. Loop ribbon through the holes and create home-made Christmas cards that are also ornaments.

Music Sheet

Christmas is all about carols and songs. You can use this to make your card. It will give your card a vintage look. You can place another crib picture above the music sheet giving it that layering effect.

Rubber Stamps

Easy to use and available in many styles, rubber stamps emboss coloured images onto your cards. Stamp holiday images, such as Santa Claus, presents, Christmas trees, stars, angels, and stockings onto card-making paper and embellish the cards with die-cut images, stickers, crystals, bows, and ribbons. Or, use a shaped hole punch, such as a snowflake punch, to cut images into the cards or around the edges of the cards.

Music Sheet

Music Sheet

Santa Cards

This will have to be done on the outside of the card. To get the perfect picture of the Santa, you can use stencil paper or simply just print the outline of the Santa image. You can use some red glitter for the cap and some cotton for the beard.

Yarn Embellished

This can be something that you can get your kids to do. With the help of crochet or knitting, get your kids to make very simple designs. They can use the Christmas colours of red and green.

Tissue Paper Card

One of the Christmas card designs is using tissue papers for making the card. Fold and cut the tissue paper in a Christmas tree shape. Attach them in such a way that half of the Christmas tree tissues hold in place.

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