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7 Best Drinking Games to Play with Your Friends

7 Best Drinking Games to Play with Your Friends

This list contains only games made specifically for drinking. Many of these games are played in college dorm rooms, house parties, kitchen tables, or at bars.

Adding the fun to a regular session of drinking alcohol, these drinking games are not just mere games but some of them are actually a test for your endurance, speed, skill, and thinking abilities under its influence. While some of these are very cheesy others require high intellect and can’t be shrugged off as mere fun and frolic. Here are some drinking games that are fun to play at keg parties and birthday parties alike. It’s very important to remember to drink responsibility.

Top 7 Drinking Games For Parties:

Best Drinking Games

Best Drinking Games

Beer Chess / Drink Chess

Considering that this drinking game involves chess, it may sound rather drab. Anyone can play this with their drinking partner, and it is the only drinking game that can be played between a maximum and minimum of two players. All that is needed is a big chess board, beer glassware in different sizes to act as the pieces, and beer in a dark and light shade.

Beer Pong

Requiring far higher levels of skill and cognitive ability than the previous entry, Beer Pong (also known as Beirut) borrows from ping pong, ten pin bowling and session drinking. It consists of two teams of two or more players, and between six to ten cups of beer set out in a triangle at opposite ends of a sizable table. The teams then take turns in attempting to land ping pong balls in the opposing team’s cups. When this is achieved the cup of beer is drunk by the appropriate team and removed from the table. The first team to remove all of their opponent’s cups wins the game.

Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles

Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles or 7, 11 and doubles also sloppy dice or hero is a very Popular drinking game or rather it assists you in adding a zing to that boring drinking session. All you need are two die, a cup is filled with desired alcohol and kept in the middle of the table. Each player than roll both the die if they roll a 7, 11 or double they can select someone to drink if they don’t then they have to compensate by drinking. Meanwhile,a player is drinking, the dice are rolled again, and you can’t stop drinking unless the die rolls anything else or you pass out. However,you can ask for a rescuer to save the damsel in distress but if the rescuer is caught in the act with a 7, 11 or double then the wreath is turned upon the rescuer.

Pyramid of Fire

Required- Beer, A Pitcher and a Deck. The player set up all the cards in a pyramidal way into five rows. The cards are then distributed to the players four each and remaining stacked down near the pitcher. The first player turns a card from the bottom left of the pyramid and perform the rule associated with it, this is called the ‘rings of fire’ post this the ‘Pyramid’ is performed each player look at their cards and if any one of them has that card then they can tell any other player to drink the number of drinks that coincides with the row, the card has been picked from. Now if the one who has been asked to drink can guess the bluff the challenger has to drink the double amount otherwise the penalty is on the one who caught the bluff wrong.

Tequila Roulette

This game of chance requires as many shot glasses as participants. The glasses are then filled with water and arranged in a circle around a bottle or similar object. The first player spins the bottle and drinks the contents of the glass the bottle points towards. The glass is then refilled with tequila, and play continues.

Beer Pong Game

Beer Pong Game

King’s Cup

King’s Cup is a popular drinking game that requires nothing more than a pack of playing cards and your beer. Each of the different cards in the deck tells you to do something a little different. Like beer pong, rules can be very different depending on who you’re playing with.

As you pull cards, people may have to chug. You might get to choose who will drink or get to have a drink yourself. If you’re looking for a game to play with people you don’t know, this is the one. It is a fun ice breaker because you can add your own rules that help you get to know other people.

Flip, Sip or Strip

You can play this game with as little as three people. However, it is recommended to play with 5+. All you have to do is flip a coin and call heads or tails whilst the coin is in the air. If you guess the answer, you can either pass the coin to the right or choose to flip again. Another successful guess will allow you to flip again or pass the coin of your choosing. If you guess wrong, you have to either drink up or takeone article of clothing off.

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