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Posted by on May 9, 2015 in Fun | 0 comments

6 Ways Playing Video Games Makes Your Life Healthy

Video games may actually teach kids high-level thinking skills that they will need in the future. Below are the surprising health benefits of playing video games.

Gaming is good for your health. While that may seem like a surprising (and perhaps even ironic) statement to some, it is true. In fact, video games are changing the way we think about fitness. As innovators find new ways to bridge the distance between physical and digital realms, games are becoming more physically demanding than ever before. As this infographic from Home Leisure Direct will show you, systems ranging from arcades like Dance Dance Revolution to more modern and high-tech developments such as Xbox Kinect are helping people burn calories, tone muscles, and even improve hand-eye coordination. In just half an hour of aggressive Wii Boxing, for example, gamers can burn 250 calories. Meanwhile, in terms of energy expenditure, playing Dance Dance Revolution at the local arcade is roughly equivalent to hatha yoga. Here are some of the ways in which studies indicate that playing with video games can benefit you and your family:

Top 6 Health Benefits Of Playing Video Games:

benefits of playing video games

benefits of playing video games

Improve Social Skills

Gamers have been unfairly stereotyped through the years as socially inept, significant-other-less freaks who dwell in their parents’ basements. The fact of the matter, given the sheer popularity of gaming, is that a variety of individuals with varying personalities compose the gaming community. As it turns out, World of Warcraft, a game that requires players to be social, teaches leadership and conflict resolution skills, according to a Swedish researcher. Although fans of the game may be viewed as cult-like, they’re actually strengthening their ability to function in the outside world.

Battling Stress

Gaming is proven to be amongst the most potent stress busters. Active gamers can actually deal with stress more effectively than their peers at work. Again, the constant employment of cognitive abilities is what serves the purpose. In fact, according to a credible research source, gamers getting pressurized by stress is a very rare phenomenon indeed.

Rehabilitation and Specific Skills

Video games are increasingly realistic, and while this raises concerns about violence, it also offers new opportunities for teaching skills. Some schools now use video games to simulate real-life procedures such as surgery or flying a plane. Video games can also be used as a form of rehabilitation. For example, a 13-year-old boy with Erb’s palsy noticed marked improvement in control over his arms after playing video games.

Staying Connected

Multiplayer online games and online game communities offer opportunities to promote social interaction within existing relationships as well. When friends and family members are miles apart, staying in contact can be challenging at best. But, today grandpa and grandson can go head to head each night battling it out over chess, backgammon and 8-ball, while old college buddies are playing checkers, bingo and sub-hunt – all the while talking about the day and staying involved in each other’s lives.

Battling Stress

Battling Stress

Physical Exercise

Well, this a benefit associated mostly with motion games. Motion games require people to move around and make quick and calculated moves. By indulging in motion games, the numbers of which have gone up substantially, research has shown that the body gets a Good deal of physical exercise. An amazing benefit of gaming,isn’t it?

Critical-Thinking Skills

Critical-thinking skills enable children to master concepts rather than simply accept rote memorization. This vital skill is key in many pursuits, including science, math, engineering, and the humanities. Video game players are constantly presented with novel problems, many of which they must solve in a split second. This process improves critical-thinking skills and can teach gamers the value of trying several different solutions to a problem.

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