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Posted by on Nov 5, 2014 in Fun | 0 comments

5 Great Ideas For Christmas Eve Party with Friends

5 Great Ideas For Christmas Eve Party with Friends

Christmas Eve celebrations can be as fun as the big day itself. Here are some great ideas for Christmas eve party with friends.

The day before Christmas is a time for last-minute preparations, travel, worship, and gathering for any Christmas Eve party. It’s time for children to hang their stockings by the fireplace, put down cookies and milk, and anticipate a nighttime visit from Santa.

If you’re hosting this year’s Christmas Eve celebration, you may be feeling some stress. Keep in mind that everything does not have to be perfect. There are many ways to honor the occasion and create some good, old-fashioned fun.

Christmas Eve Party Ideas

Christmas Eve Party Ideas

Christmas Eve Activities


For many people, looking at Christmas decorations is as enjoyable as tearing open presents on Christmas morning. Ready your house visually for a Christmas Eve dinner party. When the guests arrive, make them feel like they have been transported to some winter wonderland or Santa’s village. It will make your party far more festive.

Have your tree up and decorated towards the hilt before the party. Add lights to the outside of the house. Add some Christmas décor towards the lawn such as a nativity scene or reindeer grazing. Inside, decorate the mantle if you have one. Use candles, holly and mistletoe. Decorate your dinning table. Use red and green napkins, decorative glassware or plates, and discover a centerpiece with a Christmas theme for example Santa Claus or a small lighted Christmas tree.

Christmas Party Favors

Christmas party favors are the best way to show warmth and gratitude for your near and dear ones once they come to greet you on this special day. To receive your guests appreciation, Christmas Party Favors will be a good idea. Different types of favors could be hats, toys or trinkets, candy, pencils or other small gifts for kids and some utility items for that parents and other guests. It will likely be better to hand out party favors according to the theme of your party. See your loved ones smile from ear to ear once they receive your unique Christmas party favors.

Christmas Dinner

This is the most crucial part of the Christmas party. Because, as you know, the Christmas dinner is the main event during the day for which the whole family gathers and eats together. Put down the dinner table with a white cloth which symbolizes high spirits and creates a soothing party aura. It is also lighted with scented candles and fluorescent bulbs. If at all possible, a buffet should be organized and menu should be planned according to the tastes and preferences of the guests and kids. On Christmas Eve, people usually gorge on roasted turkey, roasted vegetables, stuffing (or dressing, as it is termed in North America), cranberry sauce, bread sauce, Christmas pudding (or plum pudding), and brandy butter. The Christmas cake ought to always be served at the end of the dinner.

Christmas Caroling

Form a choir and take it to the streets! Christmas caroling is a custom that does not only gets you in to the holiday spirit, it spreads cheer to other people as well. You don’t have to be an American Idol contestant to sing. As long as you have a group of people who know the words and may reasonably carry a tune, you’re set. You are able to provide a book of hymns or print out sheets of preferred songs which will refresh memories and help with second and third verses.

Christmas Caroling

Christmas Caroling

If you don’t wish sing door-to-door, gather round the piano and belt it out. Some guests may need just a little coaxing so it’s best to have a “leader” that will take the initiative and get things started. You may be caroling indoors or out, possess some treats ready for guests when you are finished. Hot chocolate, coffee, and tea can help warm them up and they’ll never turn down typical Christmas goodies for example cookies, candy, and fudge.

Gift Exchange

You are able to organize a gift exchange by setting a cost limit and asking guests to create gifts that are appropriate for their very own gender or for any gender (either for all guests.) However, drawing names helps make the gifts more personable and fun. The fishbowl or hat technique is effective but there are other alternatives if everyone can’t be in the same place to do this prior to the holidays.

For people who aren’t comfortable using an online service or software, locate one trusted family member to draw what they are called and mail them out, ensuring to keep their own records just in case any of the names are lost.

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