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2014 New Years Eve Party Games

New Year's Eve is a time for family and friends to come together to send out the old and usher in the new.

2014 New Year’s Eve celebrations change once kids are in the picture. Champagne toasts and all-night parties are often replaced with a cozy night at home. Whether the New Year’s celebration involves only your immediate family or includes other families with young kids, a listing of themed games keeps the entire group entertained because the clock approaches midnight. In case your kids are too young to stay up late, adjust your celebration schedule to welcome the new year at noon instead of midnight.

2014 New Years Eve Party Games

2014 New Years Eve Party Games


Charades is really a classic party game that easily fits the New Year’s theme after some modification. Choose words or phrases that relate to events that happened over the past year. You can choose activities that you simply did as a family, local news events, national news events or a mix of all types. Disney Family Fun suggests dividing into teams to let the players create the list of events. Write each event on the card. One at a time, the players draw a card and act out the event without saying any words. This game is an entertaining way to relive the highlights of the last year as it comes to a close.

Prediction Hunt

Looking forward to what the new year holds is another theme that work well for a New Year’s Eve game 2014. Before the party, write several creative predictions that may happen in the new year, each on a separate note card or piece of paper. You are able to choose to be serious or completely off-the-wall using the predictions. Hide the predictions round the room. The party guests look for a prediction, which becomes their fortune for that new year. Let each guest read her prediction towards the group.

Guess Whose Resolution

As the teenagers enter the party, ask each of these to write down their name and a New Year’s resolution on a slip of paper. Instruct the teenagers to keep what they wrote down a secret through the evening. Help your teen write down all the names and corresponding resolutions on the sheet of paper. To play the sport, gather all the guests together and provide each of them with a pen and paper. Instruct the players to guess which teenager in the party wrote down a specific resolution as they entered the doorway. The player that is able to successfully match each teenager for their resolution wins a prize.

Time Capsule Game

Time capsules allow guests to show what the past year has designed to them. Ask each guest to create five items that they believe best represent them for that outgoing year. Place the items in a time capsule, and bury it in your yard with a map and instructions for future gamers to find it up in 10, 15 or Two decades.

Psychic Prediction Game

It is always fun to predict the near future. For this game, guests should be provided pens, paper and clipboards. The host chooses five topics and asks your guests to provide three written predictions for the next year in each category. For example, for the category of weather a guest may jot down 12 hurricanes, record-breaking temperatures within the South and longest winter ever in the Northeast. Entertainment categories could garner predictions about which celebrities will become pregnant, get divorced or star inside a blockbuster. Gathering the same people together the following year will be fun because everyone can see how many of their predictions came true.

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